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Associate Professor Liu Dongxu Speaks at the 46th Meeting of the UN Human Rights Council

From February 22 to March 24, the 46th meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council was held online. Many social organizations in China made more than 30 video speeches at the conference, actively responding to the concerns of the international community, vividly explaining China's human rights development achievements and human rights concepts, vigorously refuting slurs against China and in-depth criticism of human rights abuses in the United States and the West. Liu Dongxu, associate professor of the MUC School of Ethnology and Sociology, gave a video speech at the meeting.


Liu Dongxu stated that China is a unified multi-ethnic country with a tolerant and diverse cultural tradition. This tradition has nurtured the concept of adhering to the common unity and progress of all ethnic groups and common prosperity and development, and it is embodied in the law and system.


Liu Dongxu emphasized that in the past year, the entire Chinese society worked together to eradicate poverty. The ethnic areas that were previously impoverished for a long time due to factors such as the harsh natural environment and so on have developed rapidly. The number of ethnic minorities who voluntarily migrate to cities to earn a living continues to increase. While integrating into cities and improving their lives, they also bring new resources and develop ideas to their hometowns. Foreign friends are welcome to visit China and understand and recognize China objectively and truthfully.


Prior to this, at the 13th Minority Issues Forum of the United Nations Human Rights Council from November 19 to 20, 2020, Associate Professor Liu Dongxu expressed Chinese scholars' firm position in the international community and issued a firm voice for the people.




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