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The 56 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of MUC is a key project planned and implemented by MUC to fully implement the opinions of the general office of the State Council on deepening the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities in accordance with GBF [2015] No. 36 and also to improve the quality of personnel training, cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial talents, and help the economic and social development of ethnic minorities and ethnic regions. The center provides training, exchange, consultation, incubation, exhibition, and other comprehensive services aimed at students' innovation and entrepreneurship. The center is located on the 1st underground floor of the Wenhua Bldg., covering an area of 2,000 square meters.


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The 56 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of MUC insists on cultivating and developing several innovation and entrepreneurship projects with MUC specific characteristics, focusing on the inheritance and innovation of excellent traditional culture, intangible cultural heritage, and artistic achievements of ethnic minorities, persisting in promoting the fusion of multi-ethnic cultural resources and furthermore realizing multi-cultural integration and innovation, so as to cultivate the innovation and entrepreneurship factors of MUC education and the new function of student growth.


The 56 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of MUC is oriented to all instructors and students, pooling innovation and entrepreneurship resources. The center provides innovation and entrepreneurship teaching and training, innovation and entrepreneurship project incubation, innovation and creativity exchange services, and display. Simultaneously, it also promotes in-depth development of innovation and entrepreneurship-related education while also clarifying the service concept of "facing the whole while also tolerating failure."


The 56 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of MUC is open to all levels and types of students, including undergraduates, masters (including MBA and MPA degree candidates), doctoral students, international students, preparatory students, etc. It even covers the Interschool Student Team (the open team) with MUC students and instructors' participation in the innovation and entrepreneurship process. All students’ ideas are accepted, including those that may seem unrealistic. In the end, they should all be endured and tolerated even if they fail.


The 56 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of MUC has achieved docking with expert resources. Tutors have been invited from government, enterprise, organization, university and other social sectors with different working experience encompassing innovation, entrepreneurship, investment, legal affairs, finance, technology, etc. to realize the resident expert mode, and to realize the connection between the team and experts through various ways such as course teaching, special seminars (short workshop), consulting (one-to-one), and technical support, etc., so as to help the team clarify and identify their ideas, reduce risks, and help the team move towards a mature business model.


The 56 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of MUC has also achieved docking with incubators. Relying on the construction of "one street, three parks" in Beijing, an incubator system with accurate positioning, reasonable layout, complete functions, and two levels of interaction complementarity between both the municipality and MUC will be formed. The mature entrepreneurial practice projects have achieved docking with the Tsinghua Science and Technology Park incubator, helping the entrepreneurial team install wings fit to realize dreams in the final stage.


The decoration design section of the 56 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of MUC aims at creating a modern and first-class innovation and entrepreneurship park with a high-level starting point and high standards. It follows the principles of modernization, greening, and networking. It is based on the overall planning of the center. It has ingenious conception, unique style, creating characteristic space, and multiple meeting functions. Moreover, many facilities features have been installed considering practicability and safety. The 56 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of MUC has realized an integrative approach encompassing the characteristics of innovation entrepreneurship culture and the rich historical and cultural heritage of MUC. The center's overall construction embodies a bright style in terms of interior design, a strong sense of the times, and a strong sense of innovation and advance.


The 56 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of MUC is located on the ground floor of the Wenhua building, with a construction area of 2000 square meters. The space design has a bright style and strong sense of the times, realizing the construction principle of modernization, greening, and networking; the fixed office area and open mobile office area is set up, in which the fixed office area includes 15 square meters, 14 fixed entrepreneurial workshops, and the open mobile office area is 300 square meters, including 72 mobile workplaces, so as to meet the needs of entrepreneurial teams and create inspiration. It has three interactive classrooms with 250 square meters set up to provide exclusive space for school-wide innovation and entrepreneurship training. Two 35 square meter conference rooms and one 120 square meter roadshow and lecture hall are all set up to fully meet the needs of small and medium-sized discussion forums, project roadshows, and conference reports. More than ten negotiation and discussion areas are set up at any time to keep provoking thoughts and bringing about inspiration. The 200 square meter the Entrepreneurial Team of MUC fully operates entrepreneurial floor coffee house to provide a warm harbor for the vast number of creators, and a 150 square meter special area for robot and intelligent race car development, training, and experimental demonstration is set to add another kind of scenery to space. The practical teaching and innovation education guidance center, the entrepreneurship and employment education teaching and research section, Alumni Entrepreneurship Federation, the MUC University Students' Science and Technology Innovation Center, and the youth employment and entrepreneurship service guidance center will gather together to integrate the strength and resources of MUC, enterprises, society, alumni and student associations, so as to provide multi-dimensional and comprehensive services and support for instructors and students.


Official Website (Chinese Only): http://56c.muc.edu.cn/


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