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MUC & New York Film Academy Conduct Remote Conference

On the morning of November 30th, MUC President Guo Guangsheng attended a video conference with the President of New York Film Academy, Chairperson Jean Sherlock, and Executive Vice President Michael J. Young, Executive Vice President Joy Zhu, and Academic Vice President Sonny Calderon as well as other management team members. The two sides discussed the two schools' cooperation in establishing Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions at the Hainan campus. MUC Vice President Song Min also presided over the meeting.

MUC President Guo Guangsheng introduced MUC's development history, school-operations characteristics, its "open school" strategy, current international cooperation initiatives, and the Hainan campus's construction process. Therein, he explored the prospects for the two schools to cooperate to establish Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions at the Hainan MUC campus. Guo Guangsheng pointed out that China is currently building a Hainan Free Trade Port, one purpose of building an international education innovation island based on Sino-foreign cooperative education. This is both an important development opportunity for MUC and foreign universities that wish to cooperate with Chinese universities. Simultaneously, as China's film, television communication, and television tourism base, Hainan has a huge demand for training professionals in advertising creativity, media communication, film, and television performance, and production for China and the world. New York Film Academy is a world-renowned university in the fields mentioned above. The cooperation between the two schools can help establish a professional, diversified and international brand cooperation organization, cultivate high-quality, innovative talents with international vision and comprehensive professional capabilities, and achieve a strong alliance with mutual benefits. The school can jointly write a new chapter of Sino-US education and humanities exchanges.

Michael J. Young introduced the New York Film Academy's basic situation and said that the cooperation between the two schools in the establishment of Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions is of milestone significance for the New York Film Academy. Michael J. Young pointed out that the New York Film Academy's original intention and vision is to provide students from all over the world and different backgrounds with opportunities to learn about film and television and learn through practice. Therefore, the two schools are very suitable for each other. He sincerely hopes that through the cooperation between the two schools, students will become the biggest beneficiaries. At the same time, this high-level educational and cultural cooperation and exchange will positively impact the development of faculty, the school, and the industry it serves.

Deans of relevant MUC schools and departments attend this video conference. (Photo: Ma Danni)

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