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The  MUC Office of International Relations  encourages all prospective international students interested in studying at MUC to learn more about both our degree programs and non-degree programs. Although all program enrollment for international students is facilitated by the International Student Office of the MUC College of International Education, the MUC Office of International Relations would also like to offer a comprehensive overview of international student degree and coursework offerings below along with relevant contacts:


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At present, MUC has 23 distinct schools, most of which offer BA, MA, and Ph.D. degree programs to international students and 14 research institutes, some of which also offer degree programs to international students, below are links to English introduction pages for all MUC Schools and MUC Institutes:


MUC Schools English Sub-Portal (View)


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MUC Institutes English   Sub-Portal   (View)


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The MUC Office of International Relations has compiled comprehensive major catalogs in English for all MUC’s BA, MA, and PhD programs with the most current data as of 2021. Please be aware that programs are subject to change and while most are available to foreigners a few may not be:



· BA Degree Majors (in English)          (View)

· MA Degree Majors (in English)         (View)

· Ph.D. Degree Majors (in English)      (View)


For international student degree specific information not found at the above links, please emailschlr@muc.edu.cn to receive more information from the MUC-CIE International Student Office or directly visit the MUC College of International Education website.


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The MUC College of International Education offers non-degree programs in the following three aspects:


Chinese Language Programs: The duration of study lasts for one semester or more. Classes begin in the middle of February and end of August every year. Based on students’ Chinese proficiency, classes are arranged by the following levels: complete beginner, beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced. There are less than 20 students in every class. Chinese Courses include comprehensive Chinese, Chinese listening, Chinese speaking, Chinese reading, and Chinese writing, and Great Wall Chinese. Students may also select free-of-charge elective courses such as Chinese ethnic language, folk dance, China’s ethnic music instruments, Chinese calligraphy, painting, paper-cutting, martial arts, and more.


Exchange/ Visiting Programs: In accordance with the student exchange agreements signed by both parties, Minzu University of China (MUC) will accept currently enrolled students from partner universities overseas to apply for inter-university exchange programs. The students exchange study at MUC for one to two semesters. We can offer Chinese language courses to all exchange students. Visiting exchange students that would like to participate in MUC undergraduate courses taught in Chinese must have at least HSK-5 certification (which is the same requirement for students to apply for graduate and doctoral programs). After students finish exchange studies at MUC, their transcripts will be transferred to their home institutions outside of China. The home institution can process the credits for transfer according to their own assessment.


Short-term Customized Group Programs: Short-term programs are open to international student groups, including curriculum programs encompassing Chinese language, Chinese ethnic culture, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese musical instruments, Chinese ethnic dance, and Chinese ethnic language. The duration of study ranges from 4 to 8 weeks. Moreover, such programs are customized upon the needs of each incoming group. For more information, please contact the MUC-CIE International Student Affairs Office.


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The MUC Office of International Relations encourages all prospective students to consider scholarship options offered at the national, municipal level, and organizational levels in China. The following are just a few options, but scholarship opportunities are subject to change. Updating information can be obtained via the MUC College of International Education.



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Confucius Institute Scholarship Info


Most   Current Application Details (Link)



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Beijing Government Scholarship Info


Most   Current Application Details (Link)



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China Government Scholarship (CSC) Info


Most   Current Application Details (Link)

CSC-MUC Scholarship Description in English PDF (Download)




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If you wish to pursue any BA, MA, or Ph.D. degree or participate in any other non-degree programs as a short-term or long-term MUC international student, the International Student Office within the MUC College of International Education will facilitate and oversee all your application and study arrangements. You can visit their website to get additional information about international student activities and life on campus as well as relevant information related to student visa services, dormitory, local medical insurance, and other resources, and relevant information follows:


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MUC College of International Education

International Student Affairs Office 

TEL: +86-010-68933263

Fax: +86-10-68933459

Email:   schlr@muc.edu.cn (Degree programs)

chinese@mail.edu.cn (Non-degree programs)

Street Address: No. 27, Zhongguancun South Street,

Haidian District, Beijing, 100081 P.R.C.

Official Website: https://cie.muc.edu.cn/



说明: 图片 MUC Post-Doctoral Positions for Foreigners


We would like to clarify that differing from all other international student activity on campus, the MUC Human Resources Office oversees all foreign Post-Doctoral Work Position applications, and some additional information is offered here. Please be aware that the MUC Post-Doctoral Positions are NOT regarded as a form of coursework/degree programming.


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