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School Overview & Development History


The Minzu University Library was founded in 1951. The library has rich collections and distinctive features, and its book collections related to ethnic disciplines have unique advantages. The library's total collection of documents, including Chinese thread-bound books and minority language books, is ranked top among university libraries in Beijing. The library has received a large number of precious prizes from the Yugong Society, the Palace Museum, the Chinese Buddhist Association, the Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Administration, Zhang Taoqing, Pan Guangdan, Wu Wenzao, Lin Yaohua, Hong Xilian, Wu Fengpei, Zhang Wei, Chen Yongling, Song Shuhua, and other units as well as individuals. Over the years, donations of books have greatly enriched the collection resources. In March 2008, the MUC Library was officially named as one of the libraries designated to be included in the first batch of the "National Key Protection Units for Ancient Books" initiative by the State Council.


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The library's current building was opened in October of 2003. The building is very large at 24,500 square meters with 2,210 reading seats. The entire library has wireless internet coverage, a self-service loan and return system, a self-service printing system, a self-service seat selection system, and a temperature and humidity moderation system. The library has successively realized a "Mobile Library System," a "Knowledge Discovery System," a "WeChat Public Platform," and an "Electronic Resource Remote Access System," enabling remote access to library materials as well as quick and smooth inquiry at any time. Moreover, the library's automated service has achieved a high standard.


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At present, the library has more than 2.09 million paper books, including 187,986 books in ethnic languages, including more than 20 languages such as Mongolian, Tibetan, Uygur, Kazakh, Korean, Dai, and Yi. More than 220,000 volumes of thread-bound ancient books and more than 30,000 volumes of old paperbacks. The ancient books such as "The Four Paths of Xinjiang" (manuscript) and other local chronicles found in the collection are rare and hard to come by. The MUC library also has special collections such as the Natang version of the Tibetan "Ganzhuer," the Manchu "Shengjing Fu," the Chinese-Han-bi "Jin Ping Mei," the "Western Chamber," the Mongolian work "Meng Wen Hui Shu" and the Mongolian-Chinese integrative work the "Sheng Yu Guang Xun," among others. Naxi hieroglyphic manuscripts and Chagatai Manuscripts are examples of rare and precious documents found in the museum. The library also has other kinds of ancient books such as chronicles, genealogy books, biographies, and more than 20 ethnic minority languages in the forms of unique one-of-a-kind manuscripts, block-prints, inscriptions, Qing dynasty albums, and more. Sixteen ancient books in the MUC library have been included in the "National Directory of Precious Ancient Books."


Our Talent


Successive Library Leaders




Chen Shu | Han | Director | Professor | 1952-1956

Wu Wenzao | Han | Director | Professor | 1956-1957

Ge Dianyu | Han | Curator | 1981-1982

Zhang Shaokong | Han | Curator | Deputy Research Librarian | 1987-1988

Li Zuolin | Han | Curator Professor | 1988-1992

Li Dejun | Han Nationality | Curator | Associate Professor | 1992-1995

Lan Quanbin | Zhuang |  Curator | Researcher | 1997-2000

Li Delong | Han | Curator | Professor | 2000-2018

Liu Mingxin | Hui | Curator | Professor | 2018-




Has | Mongolian | Party Branch Secretary | 1983-1985

Zhang Jiming | Han | Party Branch Secretary | 1985-1997

Cui Liqun | Han | Party Branch Secretary | 2001-2007

Xu Lihua | Tibetan | Party Branch Secretary | 2004-2013

Qiqige | Mongolian | Party Branch Secretary | 2013-


Deputy Directors  (Name | Ethnicity | Title | Years of Service)


Zhang Zheng | Han | Deputy Curator | 1956-1966

Shen Jingxian | Han | Deputy Curator | 1973-1975

Li Zhimi | Han | Deputy Curator | 1975-1976

Xi Tingshu | Han | Deputy Curator | 1979-1982

Huang Sizheng | Tujia | Deputy Curator/Deputy Research Librarian | 1984-1996

Zhang Jiming | Han | Deputy Curator | 1985-1997

Wang Jiacai | Han Nationality | Deputy Curator/Associate Professor | 1993-1999

Xu Lihua | Tibetan | Deputy Curator | Research Librarian | 1995-2017

Cui Lian | Korean | Deputy Director, Research Librarian | 2007-2012

Yang Weiyu | Hui | Deputy Director/Deputy Researcher | Librarian | 2013-Present

Dong Yinhong | Han | Deputy Director | Deputy Researcher | Librarian | 2018-Present




The library has more than 2.61 million e-books and 156 Chinese and foreign databases such as CNKI, Wanfang, Chaoxing, Weipu, and ethnic information, and SCIE, Wiley, Nature, Springer Link, and more. Simultaneously, the Minzu University Library has joined the document resource guarantee system common to university libraries in the Beijing area, realizing resource sharing with nearly 70 universities in the Beijing area.


Library Slogan


"Serving instructors and students, serving to instruct, and serving scientific research."



In line with the idea of "serving instructors and students, serving to instruct, and serving scientific research," the library is striving to do its part for the construction of a double first-class university library.


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Official MUC Library Website (In Mandarin): http://www.lib.muc.edu.cn/


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