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The Minzu University of China Press (MUC Press) was established in 1985. It was officially registered and renamed as the Minzu University of China Press Co., Ltd. on January 6th, 2013. The competent authority is the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, and the sponsor is Minzu University of China. It has 31 employees representing nine ethnic groups, including Han, Mongolia, Tibet, Manchu, Miao, Tujia, Korean, Oroqen, Hui, and more. It is the only university-level publishing house in the entire country among all the colleges and universities with academic programs focused on ethnic minority nationalities. The publishing house adheres to the notions of "specialization, refinement, specialty, and newness." Press publishing content is based on various disciplines in the ethnic field, dedicated to serving education instruction and scientific research, focusing on publishing content regarding the politics, economy, history, culture, art, language, writing, and ethnic religions of China's ethnic minority nationalities. More than 100 books published by the press have won various awards at the provincial and ministerial level and above, including academic works, materials, teaching materials, and academic monographs on cultural customs and social life topics. Among them is "General Ethnology," which was edited by Lin Yaohua and won the 11th China Book Award, Fei Xiaotong's "The Diversity and Integration of the Chinese Nation," which won the 12th Session China Book Award, and Tong Xun's "Islam and Beijing Mosque Culture" which won the 14th Session China Book Award. MUC Press also undertakes publishing tasks involving Beijing's high-quality textbooks for higher education and academic works under the "211 Project" and the "National 985 Project".


"Specialization, refinement, specialty, and newness."



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