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MUC & Osh National University’s "China-Kyrgyzstan People-to-People Exchange Center" Inauguration Ceremony


On the morning of October 14, the inauguration ceremony of the "China-Kyrgyzstan People-to-People Exchange Center" of Minzu University of China and Osh National University was held on the Fengtai campus of MUC. Representatives of Osh National University participated in the inauguration ceremony via video. MUC President Guo Guangsheng, Kyrgyzstan’s Ambassador to China Bakktgurova, and President of Osh State University Kodbekov Kudaberdi attended the unveiling ceremony. Furthermore, MUC Vice President Song Min presided over the ceremony.



Mr. Guo Guangsheng said in his speech that MUC celebrated its 70th birthday on the centenary of the Communist Party of China. The opening ceremony of "China-Kyrgyzstan People-to-People Exchange Center" held by MUC and Osh State University became one of the highlight activities during MUC’s 70th anniversary celebration. After 70 years of development, MUC has become the only university for the higher education of the ethnic minority groups in China to be selected for inclusion into the national "211 Project", "985 Project" and "Double First-Class" universities initiative, and has become a benchmark high-level university in China. Instructors and students of all ethnic groups in MUC as well as instructors and students from more than 40 countries study and live together, appreciate, learn, and communicate with each other at MUC, forming a harmonious community. The construction of the People-to-People Exchange Center not only contributes to the cooperation, exchanges, and common development of the two universities, but also carries the good wishes of the people of China and Kyrgyzstan for friendly exchanges and people-to-people bonds. MUC will fully support the construction of the people-to-people Exchange Center, to streamlin mutual learning and understanding between China and Kyrgyzstan, for the people-to-people exchanges between the two countries, for the good-neighborly and friendly cooperation between the two countries, for the high-quality development of the "Belt and Road Initiative", and to contribute to the building of a community of a shared future for mankind.



Ambassador Baktgulova expressed warm congratulations on the 70th anniversary of the founding of Minzu University of China in her speech. She spoke highly of the achievements made in political, economic, trade, and cultural exchanges found within the current bilateral relations between Kyrgyzstan and China. She pointed out that the ancient Silk Road connected the long history and splendid culture of China and Kyrgyzstan. Since Kyrgyzstan became independent, these connections have been consolidated. The field of education is the foundation of people-to-people exchanges and cooperation. The opening ceremony of the People-to-People Exchange Center jointly held by Osh National University and Minzu University of China today is of great significance. This is the first Kyrgyzstan-China people-to-people Exchange Center established in China by Kyrgyzstan. The  People-to-People Exchange Center will make a significant contribution to the people-to-people exchanges and cooperation between the two countries, and will also vigorously promote the people-to-people exchanges between the two countries.



President Kodbekov expressed sincere congratulations on the 70th anniversary of the establishment of MUC in his speech and spoke highly of the 70-year development of the school. He believes that the establishment of the  People-to-People Exchange Center will further make an important contribution to the development of the friendship between the two countries, and hopes that the two schools will succeed in student exchange, teacher training, and joint scientific research projects in the future.



Guo Guangsheng and Bakktgurova jointly inaugurated the "China-Kyrgyzstan  People-to-People Exchange Center" of Minzu University of China and Osh National University and signed a student exchange agreement with Kodyebekov through video.


Heads of relevant functional departments of MUC and representatives of faculty and students attended the unveiling ceremony. (Photo: Ma Danni)


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