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Kyrgyz Republic Ambassador to China Bakt Gulova Visits MUC

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On the morning of September 8, Ms. Bakt Gulova, Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to China, visited MUC and gave a speech as part of the MUC Global Vision Lectures series.



Guo Guangsheng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and MUC President, met with the Ambassador in the VIP room of the Wenhua building. Thereat, the two sides held cordial and friendly talks. Song Min, a member of the Standing Committee and MUC Vice President, also made an appearance at the meeting.




 Guo Guangsheng warmly welcomed the Ambassador's visit and extended vibrant congratulations with regards to the 30th anniversary marking the independence of the Kyrgyz Republic from the United Soviet Socialist Republics. He expressed that this year also marks the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China and the 8th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. China and Kyrgyzstan have enjoyed a long-term good-neighborly friendship and have made substantial progress in the regard of people to people as well as broad-scale cultural exchanges. They have also made substantial progress on cooperative educational initiatives.




Guo Guangsheng pointed out that this year is also the 70th anniversary of MUCs establishment. The Yan'an Institute for Nationalities, the predecessor of MUC, was the first university focusing on ethnic nationalities founded by the Communist Party of China. After 70 years of development and as the only university for ethnic nationalities included into the nation-wide "211 Project", "985 Project", as well as "Double First-Class" universities initiative, MUC has become an important example of forging a sense of community for the Chinese nation. Moreover, it has become an important base for inheriting and carrying forward representative culture of all Chinese ethnic nationalities and has also become an important base for ethnic theoretical research and decision-making consultation for matters involving ethnic issues. Other than this, it has also become an important base for cultivating outstanding talents representing all ethnic nationalities. On September 1, the MUC Fengtai Campus was officially opened, which is of great significance in the history of MUC. Of course, on this occasion, we also sincerely welcome the ambassador to visit MUC Fengtai Campus.


Guo Guangsheng pointed out that in recent years, MUC  has accelerated the implementation of its "open school" strategy and continuously deepened exchanges and cooperation with well-known universities and research institutions all around the world. In 2019, with the strong support and under the in-person observation of the ambassador, MUC signed a contract with Osh National University of Kyrgyzstan to establish the "China-Kyrgyzstan People to People and Cultural Exchange Center", which is an important measure to deepen humanity and cultural exchanges as well as educational cooperation between the two countries. We hope to build the center into a flagship project of international cooperation through joint efforts encompassing both sides. Moreover, we should try to build an important platform for humanity, and cultural exchanges and educational cooperation between China and Kyrgyzstan.




 During the talks, the Ambassador congratulated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, highly appraised China's great achievements under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and expressed heartfelt congratulations on the 70th anniversary of MUC. She said that Kyrgyzstan attaches great importance to developing good neighborly and friendly relations with China and will continue to help Osh National University and MUC jointly build a humanity and cultural exchange center, promote more active and closer inter-school cooperation between universities in Kyrgyzstan and China, and make greater contributions to humanity and cultural exchanges between Kyrgyzstan and China.




After the talks, under the guidance of Song Min, the Ambassador delivered a speech entitled "The 30th Anniversary of the Independence of the Kyrgyz Republic and Bilateral Relations between Kyrgyzstan and China - A Model of Good Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation" for the MUC Global Vision Lecturesseries of MUC. She pointed out that the friendly and good neighborly relationship between Kyrgyzstan and China has always been conducive to helping consolidate a comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries. Kyrgyzstan will, as always, be good neighbors and friendly with China and will be one of China's loyal friends and reliable partners. She spoke highly of the fruitful results of cooperation between China and Kyrgyzstan in various aspects of politics, economy and trade, humanities and security. Kyrgyzstan and China have worked closely together and together fought against COVID-19 since the pandemic began. This has once again demonstrated strong friendship and good neighborly relations between the two countries.




The Ambassador also told the students about her feelings after visiting the theme exhibition "The Road to Rejuvenation" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and encouraged the students to cherish and pay attention to these achievements enjoyed thanks to the great leadership of the Communist Party of China to which the students should more contribute.




After the speech, the students asked questions to the ambassador regarding Kyrgyzstans higher education, Belt and Road Initiative high-quality development and other aspects. In the process, the Ambassador gave detailed remarks.




MUC's relevant functional departments and representative delegations of instructors and students of  various MUC schools all attended the meeting and listened to the speech.

Photographer: Ma Danni


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