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Dr. Mark Levine Appears in Commemorative Friendship Exhibition

Recently, to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, Dr. Mark Levine, an American expert from the MUC School of Foreign Studies, was selected as one of 29 outstanding foreign experts that have spent time in China since the reform and opening-up to appear in the exhibition. Upon being selected for the exhibition, the news was propagated by mainstream media outlets such as The exhibition is themed "Hand in Hand with the Fate of the Centenary, the CCP, and Foreign Friends." It is jointly hosted by the Beijing People's Association for Foreign Friendship, the China International Friendship Research Association, and the International Commission for Industry and Cooperation of China.

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The exhibition tells the vivid history of 88 foreign friends working hand in hand with the Chinese Communists during the new democratic revolution, the socialist revolution, and construction, and since the reform and opening up. It also commemorates the sincere friendship between the Chinese Communist Party and foreign friends. It pays tribute to the outstanding contributions made by foreign friends to the cause of the Chinese revolution, construction, and reform.

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Since entering the University, Dr. Mark Levine has been dedicated to spreading the voice of China conscientiously, helping the world better understand China while also promoting cultural exchanges between China and the West. He published dozens of articles in the People's Daily and other mainstream media and wrote more than 70 songs about China to express his feelings and love for China.

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