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MUC Holds In-Depth Video Conference Meeting with Ningbo University of Nottingham Regarding Ongoing Cooperation

On the afternoon of March 27, MUC Vice President Song Min led the heads of relevant departments to hold a video conference with Shen Weiqi, Deputy Secretary of the Party committee and VP of Ningbo University of Nottingham, to discuss cooperation regarding topics of common concern to both sides such as recommending undergraduates to study for master's degrees and carrying out intercollegiate exchanges.

During the meeting, Song Min introduced the history, advantages, and characteristics of MUC. Moreover, she explained the origins and quality of MUC students and the university's strategies for the development of inter-university cooperation.By considering the characteristics of the Ningbo Nottingham University, she expounded especially on the cooperations with overseas institutions such as the Macao Higher Education Office in areas of recommending students for master's programs with exams, etc.

Shen Weiqi introduced the development process of Ningbo Nottingham University in detail. As the first Chinese foreign cooperative university in China, Ningbo Nottingham University has a rather short history since its establishment, but it has formed unique characteristics in personnel training. Shen Weiqi pointed out that Ningbo Nottingham University has good student quality, an overall high level of international education, and high university ranking. This perspective is based on the facts surrounding the university's professional structure, the current situation of teachers and students, admission scores, internationalization, and strong majors. Shen Weiqi hopes that more MUC BA graduates will go to Ningbo Nottingham University for further study granted MUC's vibrant campus filled with national culture and more.

During the exchange activities, there were also focused discussions regarding Graduate Education at Nottingham University in Ningbo. The Ningbo University of Nottingham adopts the same standards, methods, and processes of independent enrollment as the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. Students can obtain a degree certificate from the University of Nottingham if they are rich in academic achievements. Moreover, their qualifications are recognized by the Ministry of Education. By introducing a strict teaching quality assurance system, Ningbo University of Nottingham provides an excellent education choice for Chinese students to further their studies in China.

Song Min clarified during the discussions that the current epidemic situation and the policy of graduate enrollment expansion have been having a significant impact on students' ability to graduate and further their educations. She hoped that the two sides would keep close communication and deepen the scope of cooperation based on the issue of enrollment. Shen responded enthusiastically, hoping that the two sides could deepen cooperation and intensify exchange visits after the epidemic ended.

The heads of the Domestic Cooperation Office, International Relations Office, Academic Affairs Office, and the Recruitment and Employment Office of MUC attended the video conference. Besides, the Business Heads of International Affairs Office, the Enrollment Audit Center, and administrators of the master's program of Ningbo Nottingham University all participated in the online meeting together.

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