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MUC Collaborative Innovation Centre for Ethnic Minority Development

School Overview & Development History


The MUC Collaborative Innovation Centre for Ethnic Minority Development of Minzu University of China embodies the vital spirit of the "Recommendations on the plan for enhancing the innovation capacity of institutions of higher learning" put forth by China's Ministry of Education and China's Ministry of Finance. The Centre is inspired by the principle, "the country needs world-class institutions." It is built on the foundation of MUC's strong academic excellence and areas of special competence. This means that in the field of collaboration for ethnic minority development, the Centre is China's most influential innovation research platform and has the most distinguished teaching, research, and policy advisory functions. The Collaborative Innovation Center for Ethnic Minority Development of MUC is a joint unit conducting research and operations together alongside the Center for the Study of Chinese Ethnic Minorities of MUC.




Majors & Programs



Undergraduate Programs (4-Year Programs)



Professional Master's Programs (2-Year Programs)



Academic Master's Programs (3-Year Programs)



Doctoral Programs (4-6 Year Programs)



Post-Doctoral Programs:



Other Specialized Coursework (Program Durations Vary)



School Focus, Beliefs & Development Objectives


The center aims to solve ethnic minority development's national questions, provide strategic consulting, guide public opinion, offer theoretical contributions, policy submissions, academic support, and talented individuals. In short, we are a think-tank whose aim is to promote national, ethnic harmony and lasting social stability.


The Centre adheres firmly to the core of ethnic minority development, namely "unity and progress." Our goals are ethnic harmony, progress, and development towards common prosperity. At our very heart, we operate in a collaborative and innovative pattern with demand-led mechanisms. The five particular areas of collaboration are human resource management, team formation, personnel training, scientific research, and resource sharing. We aim to stimulate long-lasting innovative efforts. The Centre works towards theoretical breakthroughs and methodological innovations in a constellation of important related research areas, including:


•   Social progress and cultural development in ethnic minority regions

•   Hot topics and hard questions in ethnic minority development

•   Ethnic relations and social stability in border areas

•   Systems innovation in ethnic minority development


Highlight Project: China Ethnic Minority Survey and Data Center


The China Ethnic Minority Survey and Data Center was established in December 2018 and is hosted by the China Ethnic Minority Research Center of Minzu University of China, a key research base for the Ministry of Education's humanities and social sciences.


Based on the basic national conditions of being a unified multi-ethnic country, the center closely focuses on forging the Chinese national community's consciousness, using modern social survey techniques to conduct a comprehensive and comprehensive social survey of Chinese ethnic minorities build a complete and reflective multi-ethnic country. The comprehensive social survey database strives to completely and objectively display the overall picture of the economic and social development of China's ethnic minorities and provides solid data support for the empirical research of China's ethnic issues and the scientific decision-making of ethnic affairs governance.


Specific goals include:


1. Build a comprehensive social survey project and database reflecting the socio-economic and cultural conditions of the Chinese ethnic minorities, the stable characteristics and changing trends of the social structure, and the behaviors and concepts of ethnic minorities.


2. Connect with large-scale professional survey projects such as the China Comprehensive Social Survey (CGSS) and provide the most convincing data and theoretical explanations on the regional and ethnic differences affecting ethnic minorities and ethnic areas.


3. The openness of the database allows researchers to obtain high-quality survey data at a minimum cost and provides the most important and reliable data source for conducting comprehensive and continuous academic survey projects on the study of ethnic minorities in China.


As of May 2020, the center has completed the first phase of the "Chinese Ethnic Minority Survey and Database," including the "Comprehensive Social Survey of Ethnic Minority Areas in Yunnan Province" (a joint survey with Yunnan Nationalities University) and the "Comprehensive Social Survey of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region" (Investigation carried out jointly with Northern University for Nationalities) and the development of "Chinese Minority Survey Data Collection and Management System."




Our Talent


The Centre's overall leadership is undertaken by the Management Committee, while for academic questions, the buck stops with the Academic Committee. The Management Committee, which is the decision-making authority, is made up of the principal co-operating organizations and institutes' leaders. The Academic Committee is composed of Chinese and foreign experts. This group is authorized by the Management Committee to be responsible for consultation and final checks on all large pieces of academic work and for scrutiny and evaluation of results. To date, the Centre has established five innovation research platforms ("Ethnic Unity Theory and Policy," "Ethnic Unity in Practice and Social Stability," "Ethnic Unity Education," "Ethnic Minority Region Economic Development with Science and Technology Innovation," and "Ethnic Minority Development Information Centre") and nineteen innovation teams.


Academic Exchanges and Cooperation at Home and Abroad


Minzu University of China takes the leading role in running the Centre, and other important collaborating institutions include:


•   The Research Centre for Ethnic Minority Questions under the State Ethnic Affairs Commission

•   The State Administration for Religious Affairs

•   The Development Research Centre of the State Council

•   The Institute of World Religions, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

•   The Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

•   South-Central University for Nationalities

•   Southwest Minzu University

•   Northwest Minzu University

•   Beifang University of Nationalities

•   Dalian Minzu University


School Slogan


The Collaborative Innovation Center for Ethnic Minority Development of MUC is a joint unit conducting research and operations together alongside the Center for the Study of Chinese Ethnic Minorities of MUC.





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