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Song Min met the Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to China

On the afternoon of June 3rd, Song Min, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of MUC, went to the Kyrgyz embassy in China to meet with Ms. Baktygulova, Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to China.


Song Min introduced the cooperation and exchange between MUC and universities and scientific research institutions from Kyrgyzstan and the first Russian-Kyrgyz language program in China as well as the Kyrgyzstan research results of MUC scholars to Ms. Baktygulova. Furthermore, she discussed with Ms. Baktygulova about further arrangements to deepen cooperation and exchanges between MUC and Kyrgyzstan universities, the establishment of the China-Kyrgyzstan Humanities Exchange Center, and the implementation of important education, cultural-related exchange activities and other events.

Ms. Baktygulova said that the Kyrgyz embassy in China will strongly support MUC and Kyrgyzstan universities in the process of further deepening of cooperation, and recommended that Kyrgyzstan universities and MUC work together to build the China-Kyrgyzstan Humanities Exchange Center to carry out a series of important cultural exchange activities.

The staff in charge of the MUC Office of International Relations and the School of Foreign Languages also attended the meeting.


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