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MUC Vice President Song Min met the Ambassador of Turkmenistan to China

On the afternoon of May 29, Song Min, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of MUC, went to the Embassy of Turkmenistan in China to meet with the Ambassador of Turkmenistan to China, Mr. Parahat Durdyyev.

Song Min introduced the situation about cooperation and communication between MUC and the Embassy of Turkmenistan and discussed with Mr. Parahat Durdyyev about establishing a China-Turkmenistan Humanities Exchange Center and partnership between MUC as well as the World Language Institute of Turkmenistan. Mr. Parahat Durdyyev expressed his willingness to help exchanges and cooperation between universities in China and Turkmenistan. In addition, the two sides held a discussion on "Turkmenistan Cultural Day" with the theme of health and happiness at MUC next year. The two sides also exchanged views on the study of students from Turkmenistan in MUC.


Both sides believe that this meeting is of great significance for further strengthening and promoting cultural exchanges and friendship between China and Turkmenistan and promoting international cooperation and exchanges between universities in China and Turkmenistan.

The staff in charge of the MUC Office of International Relations and the School of Foreign Languages attended the meeting.


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