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MUC Research Institute of Ethnic Art

School Overview & Development History


In 2020, MUC established the Research Institute of Ethnic Art. Prof. Wang Jianmin is the Dean of General Affairs. Its research activity officially was launched in the fall of 2020. The research institute will focus on research encompassing the art (dance, music, and other art forms) of China's ethnic minority nationalities. The work will encompass practice and theory and will stress collaboration on art research-related projects across different departments of MUC.


Majors & Programs

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Undergraduate Programs (4-Year Programs)

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Professional Master's Programs (2-Year Programs)

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Academic Master's Programs (3-Year Programs)

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Doctoral Programs (4-6 Year Programs)

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Post-Doctoral Programs:

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Other Specialized Coursework (Program Durations Vary)

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School Focus, Beliefs & Development Objectives

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Our Talent

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Dean: More information coming soon.

General Affairs Dean: Wang Jianmin (王建民)


Academic Exchanges and Cooperation at Home and Abroad


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Examples of Our Scholars

Wang Jianmin (王建民), Han Ethnicity

Doctoral Supervisor and Professor    

Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology






Wang Jianmin is a lifelong avid researcher committed to pertinent issues challenging the development and internationalization of Chinese anthropology. He has made strong contributions to art anthropology theory and practice related to the ethnic minority art field. He has done a variety of research and publications encompassing ethnic groups in and around China.




•   1991-1995: Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology (Minzu University of China)

•   1982-1985: MA in Cultural Anthropology (Minzu University of China)

•   1978-1982: Bachelor of History (Shaanxi Normal University)


Work Experience


•   1997-Present: Professor (MUC School of Ethnology and Sociology)

•   2002-2005: Dean (MUC School of International Language and Culture)

•   1995-1998: Deputy Director (MUC Department of Ethnology)

•   1992-1997: Associate Professor (MUC Department of Ethnology)

•   1987-1992: Lecturer (Department of Ethnology of MUC Institute of Ethnology)

•   1985-1987: Faculty Member (MUC Institute of Ethnology)

•   1977-1978: Young Intellectual (Hongqi Commune of Urumqi County, XUAR)


Research Interests & Activity


His interests include social and cultural anthropology theory and methods, history of Chinese anthropology and ethnology, art anthropology, and Xinjiang ethnic history and culture.


Key Projects


He has presided over one major project under the National Social Science and Art Fund, two general projects of the National Social Science Fund, six major projects or sub-projects of major entrusted projects under the National Social Science Fund, six projects under the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, 2 Beijing City Projects and more than a dozen horizontally applied projects as well as consultancy projects.


Representative Publications


•   History of Chinese Ethnology - Volume I and II (Yunnan Education Press, 1997, 1998) 

•   New Theory of Art Anthropology (Minzu Publishing House, 2008)

•   Inheritance and Protection of Tangka in Tibet (Co-authored, Social Science Literature Press, 2018) along with many other co-authored compilations

•   Chinese Anthropology with Sociology-Based on Disciplinary History Discussions in the First Half of the 20th Century" (Journal of South-Central University for Nationalities, 2012 Issue 6)

•   "Poverty Alleviation and Development and Ethnic Minority Culture: Placing Subjective Discussion at the Core" ("Ethnic Studies," Issue 3, 2012) and more than 100 other such academic papers




•   Art Anthropology


Institute Slogan


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