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MUC Research Center of Chinese Ethnic Minorities

School Overview & Development History


The MUC China Minority Research Center was established on February 18, 2000. It is one of the key research bases for humanities and social sciences under the Ministry of Education jointly established by the Ministry of Education and the State Ethnic Affairs Commission. Based on the reality of China’s multi-ethnic society, the center closely focuses on the main line of national work that has firmly established the consciousness of the Chinese nation’s community. It provides strategic consultation, public opinion guidance, theoretical contributions, policy recommendations, academic support and talent guarantee for the country to solve the development of ethnic minorities. It is committed to building a first-class national think tank for the development of China's ethnic minorities, and moreover providing strong support for the school's "double first-class" construction.









Majors & Programs


The research center does not offer academic programs.


Undergraduate Programs (4-Year Programs)

•   None at present


Professional Master's Programs (2-Year Programs)

•   None at present


Academic Master's Programs (3-Year Programs)

•   None at present


Doctoral Programs (4-6 Year Programs)

•   None at present


Post-Doctoral Programs:

•   None at present


Other Specialized Coursework (Program Durations Vary)

The center invites distinguished scholars from abroad to do conduct research at the center for varying durations.


School Focus, Beliefs & Development Objectives


The research institutions affiliated to the center include the Beijing Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Base, the Taiwan Institute of Ethnic Minorities, the Chinese Ethnic Women Research Center, the Western Development Research Center, and the Shilin Yi Culture Research Center in Yunnan Province.


Our Talent


The center currently has 10 people on duty, including 1 director, 1 executive deputy director, 1 deputy director, 2 management staff, and 6 teaching and research personnel.


Current Center Director: Professor Ding Hong (The past directors of the center are Professor Yang Shengmin, Professor Qi Qingfu, and Professor Zhang Haiyang.)


Full-Time Staff: 10

Professors: 1

Staff with Masters and Doctoral Degrees: 10


Academic Exchanges and Cooperation at Home and Abroad


As of the end of 2019, the center has been approved to set up 37 major projects of the Ministry of Education's Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base. The base project undertakers have published more than 1,000 papers and published more than 100 research results. Other than this, they have held many large-scale academic conferences every year. Including the following actitivities:


•   They have conducted an international academic conference every year to create the "Border Development Forum in China".

•   They have established the "Comprehensive Social Survey and Database of China's Ethnic Minority Regions".

•   They have successively planned and compiled "Ethnic Research Information", "Ethnic Heritage", "Consensus", and "Ethnic Religious Research" Internal publications such as Internal Reference.


Examples of Internationally Active Scholars

Yang Shengmin (杨圣敏), Han Ethnicity

Proffessor and Doctoral Advisor

Phd. Ethnology



Yang Shengmin is a senior professor and doctoral supervisor at Minzu University of China. Member of the Social Science Committee of the Ministry of Education, President of the Chinese Society of Ethnology, and Vice President of the Chinese Society of Anthropology.


In 2006, he was awarded the "2nd High School Teaching Teacher Award" by the Ministry of Education. In 2007, he was awarded the title of "Outstanding Contribution Expert" by the National Civil Affairs Commission. In 2014, he was awarded the "National High-level Talent Special Support Program Teaching Teacher."


Professor Yang Shengmin is mainly engaged in the study of ethnic history and ethnology. His research fields are mainly the ethnic groups of Northwest China and Central Asia. He is included in the World Scholars List of Central Asian Studies edited by Harvard University and has a high reputation in the international academic community. He has made many basic theoretical research achievements and applied research on major ethnic history and social issues. A number of research reports on the economic and social development of ethnic minorities and ethnic areas and border areas' stability have received the government's attention.


Professor Yang Shengmin once participated as one of the keynote speakers at the Central Leadership Study Session hosted by President Jiang Zemin and the Central Political Bureau Study Session hosted by President Hu Jintao; in 2009, President Xi Jinping, then Vice President of the State, attended his "Chinese Ethnography" class.


Chinese Biographical Information Available at:


Ding Hong

Director, Professor and Supervisor

Ph.D. in Ethnology




Director of China Ethnic Minority Research Center and Collaborative Innovation Center for Ethnic Minority Business Development




•   BA Graduated from the History Department (Minzu University of China) in 1985

•   PhD Graduated from the Department of Ethnology (Minzu University of China) in 1991

•   1995-1998 on-the-job Ph.D. student

•   1998-1999 Visiting scholar at Kyrgyz National University

•   2006-2007 Visiting Scholar at St. Petersburg University (Russia)

•   2012.2 Visiting Scholar at Chinese University of Hong Kong


Teaching and Research Fields


Mainly instructs courses related to Islamic culture, gender studies, religion and anthropology, etc. Mainly engaged in the study of ethnic minorities and Islamic culture in Northwest China.




•   Executive Director and Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Society for Ethnic Studies

•   Executive Director of the Chinese Association of Anthropology and Ethnology

•   2013-2017 Member of the Educational Guidance Committee for Ethnology Majors of Higher Education Ministry of Education


Foreign Visits and Lectures


•   From 1996 to 1997, she was engaged in investigation and research work in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

•   From 1998 to 1999, she taught the course "Chinese Culture" at the Oriental Studies Department of Kyrgyzstan University of Humanities

•   In September-October 2012, lectured on "Chinese Nationality and Religion" at the Eurasian University of Kazakhstan




•   "Research on Donggan Culture" won the third prize of Excellent Social Science Achievement Award of the National Civil Affairs Commission in 2000

•   "A Comprehensive Review of the National Cultures of the Five Central Asian Countries" won the third prize of the National Civil Affairs Commission for Outstanding Social Science Achievement in 2006

•   "Introduction to Ethnology," won the Excellent Course of Beijing Colleges and Universities in 2009 (project leader)


Areas of Research Interests


•   Research on Ethnic and Religious Studies in Five Central Asian Countries, Start-up Fund for Returned Overseas Students, 2001, Moderator

•   The status quo of Islam in the five Central Asian countries and its influence on Xinjiang, a project commissioned by the Research Center of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, 2001, host

•   Islam and the Modernization Process of China's Muslim Nation, National Social Science Foundation, 2002, host


Research Results


•   "Arab," China National Photography Art Publishing House, 1997

•   "Research on Donggan Culture," Central University for Nationalities Press, 1999

•   "Chinese Hui" (Russian), Bishkek "Ilimu" Publishing House, 1999


Co-authored Works


•   "Hui Nationality" (Ma Qicheng, Gao Zhanfu, Ding Hong), National Publishing House, 1995.

•   "Chinese Islamic Cultural Types and National Characteristics" (Ma Qicheng, Ding Hong), Central University for Nationalities Press, 1998

•   "A Hundred Years of Chinese Muslims" (Ding Hong, Zhang Guojie), Ningxia People's Publishing House, 2002




•   "The Life and Creation of Arthur's Ten Children," Ningxia People's Publishing House, 2001.

•   "The Customs, Etiquette, and Beliefs of the Dungan People," Minzu University Press, 2017.




•   Collected Works of Ethnic Studies, Central University for Nationalities Press, 2006.

•   "Religion, Society, and Development-Proceedings of the Symposium on "Muslim Social Development Issues," Minzu University Press, 2012.

•   "Research on the Ethnic Relations between the Hui, Dongxiang, Salar, and Baoan Ethnic Groups," Central University for Nationalities Press, 2006.


Main Articles Published


•   Looking at the Islamic view of women from the "Quran" in "Exploration Collection," Inner Mongolia People's Publishing House, 1990.

•   Ding Zhuyuan and "Zhuyuan Conghua," in "Research on the Hui Nationality," Issue 4, 1991.


Liu Xianghui (刘湘晖)

Deputy Director, Prof.

M.A. Public Administration


Research Direction: American race politics, world ethnic studies, and comparative study of ethnic policies.




•   Participated in the public management and public policy training course for young and middle-aged leaders in the United States and studied at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University (2013.05-2013.12)

•   Master of Public Administration (English Program), JDS Scholar, Japan International Christian University (2006.06-2008.06)

•   Master of Party History of the Communist Party of China, Wuhan University (1994.09-1997.06)


Work Experience


•   Executive Deputy Director, China Minority Research Center, Minority Business Development Collaborative Innovation Center, Minzu University of China (2018.05 - Present)

•   Executive Deputy Director, Center for Chinese Ethnic Minorities Studies, Minzu University of China (2015.12 - Present)

•   Director of the Labor and Professional Technical Talent Division of the Personnel Department of the National Civil Affairs Commission (2014.04 - 2015.12)


Research Areas


The research on the concept and practical mechanism of American ethnic policy is in progress and is commissioned by the National Ethnic Affairs Commission’s ethnic research project.


Scientific Research Results


Independently, he presided over and participated in the writing of hundreds of research reports, consultation reports on important matters, work briefings, work internal publications, work documents, and more.


Newspaper Articles


•   Good Public Policy Requires Open Dialogue, China National Daily (November 2011)

•   Free Talk About Chinese Traditional Culturalism and Western Nationalism, China National News (October 2008)


Honor Awards


•   2014 Excellence Award of the 2nd Official Document Writing Skills Competition of Central State Organs

•   The 1st and 2nd prizes of the 2014 National Civil Affairs Commission System Official Document Writing Competition, co-winner

•   2013 Excellent Social Science Research Achievement Award of the National Civil Affairs Commission, ranking No. 3



School Slogan






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