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MUC School of Physical Education

School Overview & Development History


Since 1951, the MUC School of Physical Education at Minzu University of China has been developing and growing. At present, it is responsible for the teaching, research, training of public sports, physical education, and the Sports Education MA program.


The stadium facilities mainly include gymnasiums, standard track, and field stadiums, standard natural grass soccer fields, artificial grass small soccer fields, outdoor plastic basketball courts, plastic tennis courts, volleyball courts, rock climbing facilities, and some traditional ethnic-national sports training and fitness venues. In this way, the facilities are capable of meeting the needs of teaching at all levels.




Majors & Programs


The MUC School of Physical Education consists of the School Office, the Teaching Management Office and the Student Work Office, five teaching and research sections for track and field, ball, group and physical measurement, theoretical and ethnic national traditional sports, and the Student Physical Fitness Testing Center. There are also several minority nationality traditional sports bases and associations in the MUC School of Physical Education.



Undergraduate Programs (4-Year Programs)

  • Physical Education


School Focus, Beliefs & Development Objectives


The research work of the school has been fruitful. It continues to be responsible for hosting and participating in activities administered by dozens of National Social Science organizations, the Ministry of Education, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, the State Sports General Administration, the Beijing Municipality and other ministries and commissions, as well as the well-known 985 and 211 projects, and has won more than a dozen provincial and ministerial research awards. In addition to all of this, the School of Physical Education's efforts in the regard of scientific research projects have also been given high evaluations by relevant departments.


With the philosophy of "promoting sportsmanship and improving humanities literacy," the school aims to improve the quality of education and teaching, to focus on discipline construction as well as on the construction of faculty, and working to feature traditional national sports with the aim of improving the overall quality of personnel training. Through these efforts strive to transform and innovate development, and build a first-class school of physical education with national sports characteristics.



Our Talent


The MUC School of Physical Education has 39 full-time faculty members and 32 full-time teachers. Among them, there are 6 professors, 11 associate professors, 2 post-doctors, 7 doctors, 17 masters, 5 outstanding teachers who have earned the Baosteel Award, 2 staff members who have also selected for the New Century Excellent Talents Support Program of the Ministry of Education. Furthermore, 7 people won the Best Coach in Beijing title. All of this makes for a staff equipped with solid and reasonable teaching, research, and training team structure capable of exquisite work while also boasting distinctive features.




Over the course of more than 60 years of development, the MUC School of Physical Education has always adhered to and highlighted the characteristics of traditional ethnic-national sports. In the process of personnel training within the three partitioned levels, namely public sports, physical education, and master of education, the curriculum system and the development direction of the overall discipline also possess unique ethnic-national characteristics. In recent years, the school's discipline construction has made great progress, and the quality of personnel training has been significantly improved. It has gradually become a major establishment and important place for the cultivation of traditional sports as well as the talents originating from various ethnic minorities in China.


The teachers of the school also undertake the training work for high-level sports teams such as volleyball and tennis of the Ministry of Education, the gyro, wooden ball, and aerobics training for the Beijing National Traditional Sports Training base, as well as football, basketball, dragon boat, rattan ball, orienteering, and other projects. This set of efforts has brought about the achievement of outstanding results during events such as the National Minority Traditional Sports Games, the National University Games, the National Civil Affairs Commission Competition, and Beijing University Competitions. During these events, they have earned a variety of honors for MUC.

Full-Time Staff: 39

Part-Time Staff:


Staff with Masters and Doctoral Degrees: 6 professors and 11 associate professors

Full-Time Instructors: 32


Academic Exchanges and Cooperation at Home and Abroad


Although some activities involving exchange have occured the school is commited to activities encompassing outreach involving education related to physical education in the broader school community.


Examples of Internationally Active Scholars




Lan Baosen (兰保森), Han Nationality

Professor and Director of the Theoretical Teaching and Research

MA In Education





Lan Baosen has been dedicated tot he field of education throughout his life. In July 1986, he graduated from the Physical Education College of Xinjiang Normal University with a Bachelor of Science degree. He graduated from the Graduate School of Beijing Sports University in July 2002, earning a master's degree in education.


Research Interests & Activity


He mainly instructs courses such as physical education theory, sports training, and basketball. The research fields he is interested in include physical education as well as sports training and physical health.


Key Projects


1. "Cluster Analysis of the Physical Condition of College Students from Ethnic Minority Nationality Backgrounds with a Small Population in Ethnic Colleges and Research on the Formulation of Exercise Prescriptions" (Independent Scientific Research Project - 2010)

2. "Construction of the Placement System for Retired Athletes Waiting for Placement in the Post-Olympic Period" (Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Project - 2007, Second Place)

3. "Research on the Effect of Applying Progress Score Evaluation in Public Physical Education at MUC" (School Teaching Reform Project - 2009, Second Place)




1) "Contemporary University Sports Course", Beijing Sport University Press, September 2009, the first deputy editor.

2) "Modern Football Training Theory and Practice", Beijing Sport University Press, June 2008, third edition.

3) "Fun Track and Field Games", Beijing Sport University Press, August 2006, first deputy editor.

4) "Introduction to Scientific Training of Modern Hurdles", People's Sports Publishing House, May 2010.


Main Papers Published


1. "Using Learning Strategies to Develop Students' Metacognitive Behaviors in Physical Education Curriculum", Journal of Physical Education, South China Normal University Press, Issue 11, 2010

2. "Comparative Research on the Influence of Individual and Collective Events on Minority College Students' Mood State", Journal of Nanjing Institute of Physical Education, Issue 4, 2010

3. "Analysis of the Anxiety Level and Main Influencing Factors of Chinese College Student Male Football Players", Journal of Beijing Sport University, Issue 7, 2010




Zhang Fengmin (张凤民), Mongolian Nationality

Associate Professor

Director of National Traditional Sports Teaching and Research Section

Ph.D. Degree Candidate in Physical Education





From September 1995 to July 1999, Zhang Fengmin studied in the Department of Physical Education of Jilin Institute of Physical Education and received a bachelor's degree. From September 2002 to July 2005, he studied at the School of Physical Education of Northeast Normal University and obtained a master's degree. From September 2010 to now, he is a Ph.D. candidate at Beijing Sport University. He has participated in and ranked third during a Ministry of Education Humanities, and Social Sciences Youth Fund Project themed as "Construction of a Placement System for Retired Athletes in Post-Olympics China".


Research Interests


Motor skills learning, sports sociology, and tennis referee research.




Presided over the school-level independent scientific research project "Exercise risk prevention strategies for teachers and students in ethnic colleges and universities and the formulation of exercise prescriptions: Taking the Central University for Nationalities and Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities as examples."


Social work


Deputy Secretary-General of Shuttlecock Branch of Beijing University Sports Association; Member of Youth Sports Teachers Committee of Capital Colleges and Universities.




1. "Research on the Function Orientation and Development Countermeasures of College Student Sports Associations", published in "Journal of China Youth University for Political Sciences" 2012, 6

2. "The influence of parents on children's participation in sports", published in "Sports Culture Guide", 2012, 9

3. "Analysis of the Influence of Open and Closed Skills Projects on the Mood State of Tibetan Female College Students-Taking the Teaching Practice of Two Ethnic Colleges as Examples", published in "Research on Ethnic Education", Issue 6, 2012



School Slogan


"The idea of running a school: carry forward the spirit

of sports and improve the quality of humanity".





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