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School Overview & Development History


The MUC School of Dance is a national-ethnic minority key arts base and the cradle of Chinese national dancers. After more than 50 years of development, the MUC School of Dance has become a national dance art center that integrates minority dance education, performance, scientific research, and creation. There are three levels of degrees: undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees, covering three majors: dance education, dance performance, and dance choreography. The MUC School of Dance is a national-ethnic minority key arts base and is known as the cradle of Chinese national dancers. While cultivating high-level national dance professional talents with distinctive characteristics, comprehensive quality, and high practical and theoretical research capabilities, the MUC School of Dance also shoulders the heavy responsibility of inheriting, developing, and carrying forward the dance culture of Chinese minorities.



Majors & Programs


Under the teaching tenet's guidance, the MUC School of Dance has established four major curriculum systems, including basic technical skills courses, national dance courses, art practice courses, and basic theory courses. It has essentially formed a practice and internship system, combining classroom learning and social practice. The teaching of folk dance is the characteristic of the dance academy. Whether it is classroom teaching, repertoire creation, or stage performance, it is in China's leading position.




Undergraduate Programs (4-Year Programs)


  • Dance of Education

  • Choreography

  • Performing Arts in Dance

  • Performing Arts

  • Dance History and Culture

  • History

  • History (Base class)


Professional Master's Programs (2-Year Programs)

  • Dance


Doctoral Programs (4-6 Year Programs)

  • Dance


School Focus, Beliefs & Development Objectives


Since its founding, the National Dance Education of the MUC School of Dance has achieved fruitful results. It has trained thousands of outstanding national dance talents. They are active in literary and art groups and art colleges in various ethnic regions of the country, and many of them have become outstanding performing artists, educators, and research scholars in various fields of dance art.


Our Talent


The MUC School of Dance has a first-class team of teachers. There is a team of teachers from various ethnic groups with strong strength, rich teaching experience, expertise, reasonable academic and professional titles, and a combination of elder, middle and young age professionals. More experienced instructors have rich experience and a strong sense of professionalism. The younger teachers are of high quality and strong abilities, and the instructors are full of love and have a strong sense of responsibility. There are also famous dance educators, choreographers, and national performance artists who are well-known at home and abroad. They absolutely make the MUC School of Dance have advantages as a high-level national dance education platform.


Full-Time Staff: 65+


&国内外学术交流合作 Academic Exchanges and Cooperation at Home and Abroad


For decades, the MUC School of Dance has achieved fruitful results in scientific research. It has published 14 series of ethnic dance series related to "Oriental Charm," among which Tibetan dance teaching materials have entered the Ministry of Education's excellent national textbooks. Nearly 100 national dance teaching repertoires; publishing academic monographs, publishing hundreds of academic papers, and winning more than 180 teaching and research awards. More than 200 dance works have been created, such as the large-scale dance drama "Liangshan Giant Change," the large-scale drum dance "Oriental Chaoyang," the national dance special party "Min Feng Hyun Dance," the original national dance drama "Rings between Tea Horse Road" and so on. The most representative works include the group dances "Pentium," "Changbai Xiangyun," "Singing the Serfs Singing," " Prairie Man," " Grapes Cooked," " Golden Chicken," " Red River Valley Preface," " Plateau, "Jinxiu Zhonghua," "Yunling Feige," " Hero on the Way to the East," "Hands of the Daughter," " Song of the Ruins," the three-person dance " Cradle of the Cow," the double dance "Runaway," "Day Singing, "Mom's Sheepskin," "Meet," the solo dance "Meng Dong," "Yu Yun," "Mongolian," "Colorful Yunxia," "Women," "Quiet Mani Stone" and more. There are also new creations of the group dance "Stone Man and Swan," "Song of the Swan," solo works such as "Golden Bedolo," "Between Heaven and Earth," "Heather," "Lama Lake in Ewenki," and so on. In the "Tao Li Cup" dance competition of national art academies, the national dance competition, the Chinese lotus "Lotus Award" competition, and other dance competitions at home and abroad, the MUC School of Dance has won many awards such as creation related awards, and performances awards including gold, silver and bronze titles.


In 2014, the MUC School of Dance made efforts to find the first men's dance group in China. They launched two gala shows of the men's dance group "Hi" and "Flying Eagle." The MUC School of Dance often undertakes cultural performances and international exchanges organized by the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the National Civil Affairs Commission, the National Taiwan Federation, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and the Chinese Dancers Association. The school has been invited to visit more than ten countries in Asia, Europe, North America, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. It has won high praise from foreign friends with its distinctive and unique dance style and exquisite performance art.


Furthermore, it has been warmly received by the leaders of the country. The national leaders have highly praised it for the inheritance, development, and promotion of the dance culture of ethnic minorities in China. Lastly, it has contributed to the prosperity and development of national dance education.


Examples of Internationally Active Scholars



Jiang Tiehong (姜铁红), Han Ethnicity

Associate Dean, Professor, Master Tutor of the MUC School of Dance

Ph.D. in Dance





He won the "Personal Wenhua Award" during the national "Peach and Plum Cup," and won the gold, silver and bronze medal during the "Peacock Cup" and "Lotus Cup" dance competitions. He won the "Gardener Award" and various dance competitions at the provincial and ministerial levels. In 1996, he was awarded the title of "Chinese Contemporary Young Dancer" by the Ministry of Culture. In 2017, he was awarded "Most Popular Dance Performance Artist" by Beijing's 30-year Top Talent.


Research Interests & Activity


Mongolian dance education, ethnic dance creation, ethnic dance performance.


Key Projects


He has presided over one national-level and three school-level projects.





Xu Xiaoping (徐小平), Han Ethnicity)

Professor of MUC School of Dance  

Ph.D. in Dance





Prof. Xu Xiaoping has long been engaged in the teaching and creative research of ethnic dance choreography. She has earned award titles including "Outstanding Contributing Expert of the National Civil Affairs Commission," "Beijing Advanced Individual of Teacher Ethics," "Beijing Advanced Worker," "Baosteel Education Fund Outstanding Teacher Award" and more. She won the gold medal during the Chinese "Lotus Dance Awards"; first prize of the national "Peach and Li Cup" dance competition, she earned the "Special Jury Award" of the National Dance Competition and the "Wenhua Choreography Award" for dance drama. She has instructed students that went on to earn more than 100 prestigious awards and has won more than 80 instructor awards.


Research Interests & Activity


Teaching method reform and practice of the "Dance Pedagogy Repertoire Course" won the first prize of Excellent Teaching Achievement of Minzu University of China. In 2013, she published the monograph "Basic Course of Chinese National Dance Choreography."




Liu Liu (刘柳), Han Ethnicity

Instructor of Dance

Ph.D. in Art Anthropology  





Liu Liu has a Ph.D. in Art Anthropology. She has been a lecturer and visiting scholar in the Department of Anthropology at Duke University.


Research Interests & Activity


She is interested in dance anthropology as well as dance review.


Key Projects


She was in charge of the 2018 National Social Science Fund Art Project "Theoretical Paradigm of Dance Anthropology in the 20th Century". She has published many academic papers and won the 2019 Outstanding Young Talent of Minzu University of China.


Representative Publications


  • "The Will on the Toe: The Performance Practice of the Contemporary Ballet "Red Detachment of Women" (Monograph - 2019)




School Slogan


"Creating an outstanding dance troupe, carrying forward all cultures with exquisite national dance education."




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