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School Overview & Development History


MUC is a national key university established by the national "211 Project", "985 Project" and "Double-First Class (Class A) system. Under this premise, the MUC School of Fine Arts has also become a national key subject base for contemporary art. After 59 years of development, it has become an educational supercenter for cultivating senior art professionals from all ethnic groups around China.

The MUC School of Fine Arts is an important base for the training of senior and advanced art talents and an important base for the inheritance of national culture and art. Since its establishment, it has been insisting on creating a teaching brand with ethnic/minority nationality characteristics and implementing as well as reflecting distinctive ethnic-national characteristics in all aspects of curriculum.



Majors & Programs


The school has seven branches including Chinese painting, oil painting, art education, visual communication design, clothing and costume design, environmental design, and image design. These make up the seven professional directions currently offered at the school. Up until the early 1980s it was only offering degree work to undergraduates. In 1985, the school began to recruit master students. In 2001, it started to recruit doctoral students. One of the highlights of this school is that it has several professional studios on campus.



Undergraduate Programs (4-Year Programs)

  • Painting (Chinese Painting)

  • Painting (Oil Painting)

  • Fine Art (Art Education)

  • Art Design (Environmental Art Design)

  • Art Design (Graphic Design)-

  • Art Design (Video and Image)


Professional Master's Programs (2-Year Programs)

  • Fine Art


Doctoral Programs (4-6 Year Programs)

  • Fine Art


School Focus, Beliefs & Development Objectives


The MUC School of Fine Arts pays attention to undergraduate education and has accumulated rich teaching experience and formed many of its own teaching characteristics. The school attaches importance to basic skills training and emphasizes the experience of living in ethnic minority areas during the process of completing degree work. Over the years, the school has been adhering to a rigorous style of study and a strict management system, respecting the rules of art teaching, focusing on the cultivation of students' quality of learning as well as creativity. It has trained many outstanding graduates which have become renowned art creators of various nationalities throughout China and moreover have become a vital force in art education. In recent years, dozens of undergraduate and graduate students from MUC have won important awards in ethnic-national art exhibitions and other major exhibitions as well as design competitions.


Our Talent


There are more than 60 instructors at the MUC School of Fine Arts. There serve in the specialized divisions of faculty. There are 9 instructors in oil painting, 16 instructors in Chinese national painting, 5 instructors in fine arts education, 10 instructors in the field visual arts design, 5 instructors in video design, 6 instructors in environmental art design as well as 8 instructors in clothing as well as ornamentation design.


Full-Time Instructors: 60+


Academic Exchanges and Cooperation at Home and Abroad


In the past three years, the MUC School Fine Arts and the Chinese Artists Association organized the "Tianshan North-South-Chinese Art Exhibition," "The Great Grassland-Chinese Art Exhibition," and the "Colorful Yunnan and Colorful Guizhou Chinese Art Exhibition" all held at the National Art Museum of China. The three exhibitions reflected the most creative and highest quality creations stemming from Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, and Guizhou since the founding of New China. In addition, the MUC School of Fine Arts and the Chinese Artists Association has established three "Advanced Seminars for the Creation of Young Ethnic Artists in the West." The school also established the "Chinese Ethnic Art" magazine with the Ethnic Publishing House and has its own academic platform for the creation, teaching, and research of Chinese minority nationality art and the inheritance as well as protection of national-ethnic culture.


The school has a group of well-known scholars as well as instructors who have essential influences in domestic painting, design, and academic circles. In recent years, instructors from the school have undertaken dozens of ethnic-national "211 Project" and "985 Project" projects and published many research results as well as pieces of art. It has achieved a series of fruitful results in the aspect of protection and research of the traditional art of ethnic minorities, as well as the art design of ethnic minorities and the artistic creations of ethnic minorities. The outstanding achievements of this MUC department cannot be substituted for by other works of other art-related teaching and research institutions.

Examples of Internationally Active Scholars





Rui Fabin (芮法彬), Han Ethnicity

Dean, Professor and Master tutor of the MUC School of Fine Arts

Ph.D. Fine Arts





Rui Fabin was born in Beijing in 1963. In 1984, he graduated from the Beijing Arts and Crafts School majoring in decoration design, and in 1991 he graduated from the Printmaking Department of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts. He became an instructor at MUC in 1999 and is currently the Dean, Professor and Master tutor at the MUC School of Fine Arts.


Key Projects


His print works have been selected for the first National Print Exhibition, the 17th National Print Exhibition, the 10th as well as 11th Ethnic Art Exhibition, the International Exchange Exhibition and more for which he has won many awards. Many works have been collected by the National Art Museum of China, Sichuan Art Museum, Guiyang Art Museum, and many other art institutions.


Representative Artwork


  • "Old Man Ake"

  • "Lusheng"

  • "Welcome Wine"


Representative Publications


He has authored the "2ll Project", the "Silkscreen Printing Tutorial", the Ministry of Culture's art examination textbook "Watercolor", "Bai Folk Art" as well as other monographs and published many papers in professional magazines.





Wang Fang (王芳), Han Ethnicity

Instructor at MUC School of Fine Arts

MA in Fine Arts  





Instructor in the Video Design Major

MA Graduate of Beijing Film Academy (2011)


Research Direction/Interests


Animation creation and theory, illustration creation, the integration of animation industry and business.


Key Activities


  • Member of CCII International Design Center

  • Member of Capital Corporate Image Research Association

  • Brand Image Consultant of the Chinese Characteristic Township Development Center of the Central Production Committee


Main Design Works


  • In 2007, she participated in the creation of the 60th anniversary of the Daqing brand image design of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

  • Responsible for the brand Image design of Ordos Museum in 2009

  • Participated in the creation of "Famous Story" in 2010 and won the "Golden Dinosaur Award" and "Best Internet Mobile Cartoon Award" at the 8th Changzhou International Animation Art Week

  • Created an animated short film "Senji Dema" in 2012

  • 2016 Cartoon Design of Karlsruhe Urban Culture Salon (KAsalon), Germany

  • Kang Zilang Food Packaging Design and Illustration

  • 2017 Flora ice cream packaging design (illustration)

  • Howuge e-commerce brand cartoon character and illustration design

  • No fancy packaging illustration design

  • Participated in Inner Mongolia Wanma Galloping Horse Cultural Theme Creative Design Exhibition in 2018

  • Brand Design of Smart Service Center of Labor Professional Committee of Inner Mongolia Construction Industry Association

  • Children's Illustrated Picture Book "Amy's Travel"





Li Guo (李果), Han Ethnicity  

Instructor of Craft-Dyeing and Weaving  

MA in Fine Arts





Li Guo graduated from Japan Women's University of Fine Arts in 2012 with a master's degree in fine arts specializing in crafts-dyeing and weaving. In 2013, she started to instruct Clothing and Fashion at the MUC School of Fine Arts. In 2015, she went to the Japan Wen Chemical Park University to study further study fashion modeling.


Research Interests & Activity


Her main research direction is the development and application of traditional national clothing production technology and clothing materials. She is good at incorporating traditional cultural craftsmanship into the design of modern fashion clothing and apparel. Moreover, she has a talent for guiding students to find design elements in traditional culture, and therein to strengthen related craftsmanship skills and competency. In 2017, her work "Mi" was included into the Japan International Fashion Exhibition.


Key Projects


Works such as "Five Domains" and "Lian no Scenery" inspired during her study period in Japan have been put on display in exhibitions such as the Excellent Works of Arts and Crafts Exhibition and the Excellent Works Exhibition of Art Schools.


Representative Publications


  • "Artwork Material Appraisal Analysis Theory"

  • "Fashion=Born by Five Senses"

  • "Daily Textile Material Theory"

  • "On the Deconstruction Techniques in Fashion Design"

  • "The Artistic Expression of Materials in Fashion Design"




School Slogan


"Respect the law of art teaching and cultivate students' quality and creativity."





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