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Type F (business): foreign experts employed for one semester or shorter

Type Z (employment): foreign experts employed for more than six months


- You will be provided with the necessary documents for visa application

- A type Z visa can only be applied for in your home country and is only valid for one month upon entry. OIR will then assist you in changing the visa to the contract-long residence permit.

- You must not enter with a type L (tourist) visa as it cannot be changed and is illegal to work in China on an L visa.

- If the type F visa is insufficient to cover your stay in China, we will help you extend it upon its expiration.

Medical Information

A health inspection report is required in the application for the residence permit. Therefore experts with a type Z (employment) visa are encouraged to have a health check before arrival. It may also be done in China, but if you do not qualify, you will be forced to leave China at your own expense. To aid in the procedure, a health inspection form is included in the visa documents

Things To Keep in Mind

- If completing it in your home country, please ask for TWO original copies of the report. One copy will probably be used in your application for the Z visa (depending on the country) and the other, together with other medical materials, should be brought with you to China as they will be required in the application for your Residence Permit in China.

- Failure to show the original copy of the check-up report will result in another medical check-up.

- During your stay at MUC, you will be provided with free medical care: up to 10,000 yuan per school year and medical insurance which includes insurance for accidental injuries and in-patient benefits.

- Foreign experts with a type F (business) visa are not required to have a health inspection report, but also will not receive free medical care and insurance. You must be fit to travel and live in China, and purchase insurance that will cover your medical care during your stay.

Customs and Regulations

Forbidden Items: arms and ammunition, narcotic drugs, printed or video material “detrimental to China’s politics, economy, culture or ethics” etc.

Items Requiring Special Authorization: professional video or audio recording equipment (not for personal use)

Luggage and necessities for personal use are allowed if they do not exceed reasonable quantities. For more information, please visit the China Customs website.


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