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Wife of President of the Cuban State Council Appointed as Honorary Professor of MUC

Date:Apr 9, 2019 | Source:MUC Public Relations Departmen | Editor:Pan Wumei | Photography:Li Hongliang Zhou Chen 

On the afternoon of April 8, Ms. Lis Cuesta, the wife of Chairman from the Cuban State Council and the Council of Ministers, delivered a speech at the MUC International Lecture Hall” and was awarded the title of “Honorary Professor” of MUC.

The Award Ceremony was held at the Concert Hall of Zhonghui Building. Along with the applause of students, Ms. Lis Cuesta sneaked into the concert hall and waved her hand to the teachers and students.  MUC President Huang Taiyan presented the "Honorary Professor" appointment to Ms. Lis Cuesta, praising her for promoting humanities exchanges in the fields of culture, art and tourism. She is an outstanding promoter of cultural exchanges. A student representative of MUC School of Fine Arts presented a silk scarf designed by the student team for Ms. Lis Cuesta. The silk scarf used the national flower of Cuba, a ginger flower, as the main pattern and the traditional Chinese “sea water pattern” as the shading. It implies that the friendship between China and Cuba is harmonious and beautiful, and that it has a long history. MUC Vice President Song Min presided over the ceremony.

Along with the warm applause, Ms. Lis Cuesta presented a keynote speech with the title “The Chinese are an inseparable part of the Cuban nationality” for the teachers and students. Ms. Lis Cuesta pointed out that the mission of MUC is to train senior cadres and professionals of all ethnic groups in China which has 56 ethnic groups in thriving together harmoniously. After reviewing the historical contribution of Cuban Chinese immigrants to the Cuban revolution and the economy, society and culture, she said that Cuban Chinese and other Cuban ethnic groups have jointly promoted the formation of Cuban nationality. Lis Cuesta pointed out that the victory of the Cuban revolution and the establishment of these two great victories of the People’s Republic of China are the result of a long and fruitful struggle between the two countries; both Cuba and Chinese have been invaded by foreign enemies and have tasted the pain it brought. Isolation, sanctions and blockade occurred precisely because of the high value of sovereignty, national dignity and independence. "We will continue to look at and deepen Sino-Cuban relations with a long-term perspective, because this relationship has become a model for South-South cooperation." She stressed that the two countries have established a solid foundation and a new generation of leaders in the past 60 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations. Due to special interests, the relationship between the two countries has lasted for a long time. "We are full of confidence in the future of bilateral relations."

After the speech, students of all majors in the MUC School of Dance and the MUC School of Music prepared a variety of programs. The Mongolian song "Happy Nadam" made the delegation feel that the Mongolian girls and boys were singing and dancing in the beautiful grassland to celebrate the lively scene of the Mongolian grand festival; the piece "Miaoling Feige" uses the ancient musical instrument of southern minorities called the lusheng to perform. It depicts the beautiful scenery of a Miao Township and celebrates the exquisite beauty of a hometown; the Han Tang music and "Dance Dance" reproduces the graceful, feminine, soft and elegant dance and beauty of the sleeve dance in the court feast for the Cuban guests, showing the history of China. Long-standing and civilized; Kazakh girls and boys used the Kazakh instrument, Dombra, to play a different style of Cuban folk songs called "Dove" style songs, winning the delegation's bursts of applause and resonance; the groups dance "Splendid China" is the fusion of ethnic dances with rich ethnic styles, showing the beautiful life scene of the united and progressive Chinese people.

《Welcome Nadam》

《Miaoling Fei Song》

《Eternal Dance》


《Mianxiu China》

Ms. Anna González, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Mr. Miguel Angel Ramirez, Cuban Ambassador to China, and Deputy Director of the National Friendship Association of the United States Mr. Ji Yongjun all attended the event.


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