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The Confucius Institute "UN Chinese Day" Jointly Founded by MUC and Old Dominion University Promotes Chinese Culture

Date:May 7, 2019 | Source:MUC Office of International Re | Editor:Pan Wumei

On April 20th, it was the "Gu Yu" of the Lunar Calendar’s 24th Solar Term, and also the "United Nations Chinese Day" in 2019. At the occasion of the local Children's Day, the Confucius Institute jointly founded by MUC and Old Dominion University arranged a booth with Chinese characteristics at the event to promote Chinese language and Chinese culture to the American public.

Han Xiaobing, the Chinese dean of the Confucius Institute,together with teachers sent from China, set up Chinese cultural experience projects such as blowing painting, calligraphy, and compiling of Chinese knots.


On the day of the event, the sun was like a fire. But what was hotter than the weather was the laughter in front of the booth and the enthusiasm of the American people for Chinese language and Chinese culture. The local people in the United States experienced it with great interest, and the booth was the most lively place in the entire exhibition area. The event attracted more than 600 people.

At the same time, students who have studied Chinese at the Confucius Institute have also come to participate in activities to help Chinese and Chinese cultural propaganda activities. It is reported that in 2010, the United Nations Department of Public Information announced the launch of United Nations Language Day to advocate and promote the equal use of the six official languages of Chinese, Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish at the United Nations. Among them, the Chinese Day is scheduled to be held on the 24th solar term of the Chinese Lunar Calendar to appropriately commemorate the contribution of the "ancestor of Chinese characters" Cangjie.





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