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The Mongolian Academy of Sciences Awards Professor Wang Mandugad

Date:Apr 27, 2019 | Source:MUC Public Relations Departmen | Editor:Pan Wumei

On April 26th the Mongolian Academy of Sciences presented foreign academician certificates to Professor Wang Manduagd from MUC at the Zhonghui Building of the MUC. Mr. D. Regdel, President of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Mr. B. Gardi, Second Secretary of the Mongolian Embassy in China, and Huang Taiyan, the Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee and President of MUC, all attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by MUC Vice President Song Min (also member of the Standing Committee of the School Party Committee).


In his speech, Huang Taiyan thanked the Mongolian Academy of Sciences for the awarding of such a high honor and expressed his sincere congratulations to Professor Wang Mandugad for earning the title of Foreign Academician of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences.



Huang Taiyan said that the practice of running schools for more than 70 years has fully proved that MUC has become an important base for cultivating talents of diverse ethnic backgrounds, an important base for research and innovation of national theories, and an essential base for inheriting and promoting minority cultures. Amongst various departments at MUC, the MUC Mongolian Language and Literature Department is one of the departments with particularly distinctive characteristics, outstanding advantages, and great momentum. The department has made significant achievements in the fields of Mongolian literature, Mongolian linguistics as well as Mongolian folk literature.

Huang Taiyan expressed his congratulations to Mr. D. Regedel for participating in the 2nd “One Belt, One Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum and said that MUC plays a critical task in the construction of the “Belt and Road.” MUC together with countries surrounding the “Belt and Road” have established some close academic partnerships. He expressed that he hopes that the two sides can continue to strengthen communication and exchanges. MUC will also create all the conditions needed to support cooperation between the MUC Mongolian Language and Literature Department and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, and furthermore push China-Mongolia relations to a new level.


In his speech, Mr. Regedel thanked Professor Wang Mandugad for his outstanding contributions in Mongolian literary theory, Mongolian literary works and the cultivation of exceptional talents in the field of Mongolian studies. He said that the foreign academicians' certification is a very prestigious honor in Mongolia. The Mongolian Academy of Sciences has a total of 20 international academicians, including four from China. Professor Wang Mandugad was nominated by the Institute of Language and Literature of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and passed the voting process with 100% of votes taken by the academician panel within the Mongolian Academy of Sciences.


At the ceremony, Mr. D. Regedel announced the award and, under the witness of the guests, presented the certificate of foreign academicians of the Academy of Sciences to Professor Wang Mandugad.

In his speech, Professor Wang Mandugad said that he will redouble his efforts in the future study of Mongolian studies, and will make more achievements in academic innovation, and produce more excellent products to promote the Mongolian research cause and the "double first-class" program of MUC, making unremitting efforts to make new contributions to promote long-standing friendship and cultural exchanges between China and Mongolia.

Professor Wang Mandugad is an internationally renowned scholar at the MUC Mongolian Language and Literature Department. During the past 40 years of teaching, he has been devoted to the teaching and research of Mongolian literature and the construction of academic research methodologies pertaining to Chinese minority language and literature. He has studied modern Mongolian literature and literary theory. He made outstanding contributions and earned the “C. Buyannemeh Award” issued by the Mongolian Writers Association to him in 2012. His representative works include “Mongolia Modern Literature Research and Review,” “Mongolian Modern Literary Criticism,” “The Study of the Theory of Modern Mongolian Literature” and “The Study of the History of Modern Literary Theory in Mongolia” have aroused wide acclaim and high recognition from international Mongolian academic circles. He also made significant contributions for friendship between the Chinese and Mongolian peoples and exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in the field of education.







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