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MUC Teachers and Student Delegation Visit Japan for Exchanges

Date:Oct 24, 2018 | Source:Yang Xin | Editor:Pan Wumei

MUC Teachers and Students from Chinese Ethnic Youth Delegation Visit Japan for Friendly Exchanges

At present, the MUC School of Ethnology and Sociology, the MUC School of the Chinese Ethnic Minority Languages and Literatures, the MUC School of Chinese Literature, Journalism and Communication along with 11 other colleges/departments at MUC selected 28 student representatives from different ethnic groups to form the Chinese Ethnic Youth Friendship Exchange Group. The group successfully completed a Japan friendship, exchange and study outing. Furthermore, the Head of the Party Commission Student Work Office joined the trip. Guo Weiren from the MUC Student Office headed the group while Ma Danyan from the MUC Youth League Committee led the group.

During the visit to Japan, the exchange group visited the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to attend lectures regarding environmental protection and disaster relief; they studied alongside a student friendship group from Kansai University; they participated in intensive training activities regarding knowledge pertaining to disaster prevention technology as well as environmental protection. In effect, they planted a symbolic cherry tree of friendship between the two nations.

Ma Guowei expressed that the exchange group had a significant opportunity to make progress regarding in-depth and systematic understanding of Japanese forestation projects, environmental protection and disaster relief. Furthermore, the Chinese delegation also left with strong impressions regarding Japan’s highly effective and orderly social operation management, humanized and highly convenient public service facilities as well as high-level Japanese work ethic standards. Ma Guowei expressed that by conducting more comparable activities, additional strides in mutual understanding can be achieved and that environmental protection, disaster reduction work and peaceful and friendly work can be achieved for both countries; and thereby youth can exhibit the positive function that should. At the same time, he expressed his wish for peaceful relations between China and Japan, and that we should all work steadily towards higher cultivation involving both sides.

Participants expressed that through this trip they better understood how much Japan pays attention to environmental problems, and they hope that Japanese and Chinese youth can strengthen exchanges and studies in many other fields. Furthermore, together they make contributions for our shared garden, the Earth, and the participants hope that the relations between China and Japan can exhibit the peaceful and mutual respectful characteristics apparent in tea culture, long lingering with fragrance.

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