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University Overview

School of Ethnology and Sociology

School of Tibetan Studies

School of Economics

School of Management

School of Law

School of Marxism

School of Chinese Literature, Journalism and Communication

School of Philosophy and Religious Studies

School of History and Culture

School of Education

School of Foreign Studies

School of Life and Environmental Sciences

School of Science

School of Information Engineering

School of Fine Arts

School of Dance

School of Music

School of Physical Education

College of International Education

Institute of Traditional Chinese Ethnic Minorities Medicine

School of Continuing Education

School of Pre-Foundation Education

School of the Chinese Ethnic Minority Languages and Literatures

• Department of the Ethnic Minority Languages and Literature

• Department of the Mongolian Language and Literature

• Department of the Korean Language and Literature

• Department of the Uygur Language and Literature

• Department of the Kazakh Language and Literature

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