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A Lecture by Professor Rasoul Rezvanian from Ithaca College

May 30,2018

Professor Rasoul Rezvanian, a well-known international economist was invited by the School of Economy, to give a 16 day lecture in the east section of the Wen Hua building about academic exchanges between May 12 to May 28.

    Professor Rasoul Rezvanian’s main research directions include bank efficiency, financial management, and the financial crisis. The lecture was about financial risk and risk management encompassing five sections and was hosted by Professor Zhang Lijun from the School of Economy; the event was interpreted by Associate Professor Shu Yanfei.

With some specific examples, professor Rasoul Rezvanian provided thought-provoking analyses regarding the five sections including financial analysis of financial institution statements, risks faced by banks, interest rate risk management, liquidity risk management, credit risk management and foreign exchange risk management. Meanwhile, some solutions pertaining to those five parts were described in the lecture as well.

The lecture was a great success for both professor Rasoul Rezvanian and students from this field. After this lecture, the School of Economics (MUC) conducted an in-depth consultation with professor Rasoul Rezvanian about further cooperation including teacher visits, student exchanges and mutual academic research involving both sides, and furthermore made a concrete agreement regarding those matters. Both sides believe that cooperation will be strengthened for the common purpose of further development of academic practices and teaching.

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