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Early Reading Assessment and Guidance For American Children Proposed By Professor Wang Qiuying

May 28,2018

On the morning of May 26th, professor Wang Qiuying was invited to the School of Education (MUC) to carry out a lecture about early reading assessments and guidance systems for American children. It was held in Beizhi building hosted by Professor Shi Dasheng.

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With specific examples, professor Wang Qiuying delivered her speech through four aspects, mainly focused on the motivations, skills, and patterns behind reading. In the communication section, professor Wang Qiuying answered the questions about American student’s assessment and guidance surrounding reading. The lecture from professor Wang Qiuying served as a platform bridging two sides involving communication among education researchers and made it clear the direction of reading assessments and guidance for Chinese children.Wang is now a life-long professor of the School of Education at Oklahoma State University. With a Master's Degree in English teaching from the University of Nottingham and a PhD in Psychology from the University of Illinois. She is mainly engaged in research regarding reading.

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