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The information below is intended as a guide to inform you of how things work at MUC so your social and working life can be smooth and efficient from the moment you arrive.

MUC Classes

Classes in Chinese universities are very organized small communities. Each class has a monitor, selected by students, in charge of general class affairs. There are also assistant monitors for study, living, arts and sports affairs. You can ask the class monitors for any assistance including making photocopies, retrieving materials, etc.

Lesson Preparation

Your department will assist you with photocopies and other classroom materials you deem necessary. Personal photocopying can be done at any of the small photocopying shops on campus and costs ¥0.08 ~ 0.1 per copy.

Examination System

Students’ exams are rated in percentage grades and 60% is the pass mark. A student’s final grade usually consists of three parts: general attendance, the midterm exam and the final exam. These make up 10%, 30% and 60% of the final grade respectively. Thus, you should check the students’ attendance pattern. If a student fails a course this term, they will have to retake the course next term.

The university has no official mid-term exam period and teachers can schedule an exam unofficially during regular class time. In the official final exam period, both the exam timetable and the classroom allocation are officially arranged by the university. Lecturers are required to hand in two different versions of the examination two months before the exam period. The university will choose one version to administer.

For further advice please consult the head of your school.

Payment of Salary

Your salary will be paid to you in cash by your department or be deposited in your bank (must be a bank designated by the university’s Finance Office) between the 25th and 30th of each month. If the payment cannot be made during winter break, it will be made either before or slightly after that period. As the salaries are not paid until the end of the first working month, it will be necessary for you to bring with you some money for living expenses (food and other purchases), and for anything you wish to buy.

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