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The nightlife scene around MUC has been growing steadily and boasts a few spots of real interest. Go one block north of West Gate and you’ll come to “Bar Street”. Cheap and cheerful bars are plenty.

Food matters to people the world over and at Minzu, we are blessed with many restaurants serving the many ethnic and regional cuisines of China. Many of the better known ones are located along “Restaurant Road,” or Weigong Street, one block north of the campus and between Zhongguancun Street and Minzu West Street, and serve Dai, Uyghur, Mongolian, Miao and Korean food. But food can be found literally all around the campus, including many day and night-time peddlers with their portable kitchens and seating. You will enjoy discovering them on your own just by walking around. The restaurants on Weigong Street are often listed in Beijing magazines. Queues waiting outside the restaurants are common in the evenings as people flock to this area for hearty meals and enjoyable times with their families and friends.

The larger Haidian District (where MUC is located) is known as a hi-tech district, with many educational establishments and tourist attractions. Here too the restaurant scene is highly developed. Haidian has many local and internationally known eateries with varied styles and flavors, including some well-known chains. Together these make Haidian an interesting place to eat in.

Whatever your desired flavor is, Beijing has it all. Every budget is catered for, too - making this city one of the most impressive and forward-thinking centers of cuisine in the world.

Editor’s picks

Golden Peacock Dai Ethnic Restaurant

Time Out Beijing magazine says: Golden Peacock does not compete with some of the other ethnic restaurants in terms of decor, but its authentic and inexpensive Dai food explains why this restaurant is always packed. The savory potato balls, mixed vegetable salad and glass noodles, sour and spicy rice noodles, pineapple rice, deep-fried spareribs, fish in lemongrass and the meat cooked in a bamboo tube are all prepared by experienced kitchen hands, and are excellent. With the generous portions, you won’t leave here still feeling hungry.

Address:16 Minzu University Beilu, Weigongcun, Haidian District (Tel: 6893- 2030). Opening times: 11:00-22:00. Price Less than 100 RMB per couple.

Juliulin Roasted Duck Restaurant

Juliulin Roast Duck serves as a very good alternative for roast duck fans who can’t afford the Quanjude roast duck regularly, and as its other food is tasty and inexpensive, it always attracts lots of people.

Address:Zhongguancun South Avenue, Haidian (the opposite side of MUC Main East Gate) 6219-8221.Opening times: 10:30 - 22:30. Price Less than 80RMB per couple.

Wushan Roast Fish

Choose from a variety of flavors (including one called “strange flavor”) and fish, including grass carp and catfish. This restaurant specializes in Chongqing style grilled fish.

Address:8 Minzu University North Road (Tel: 88570500) Opening times: 11:00-23:00.

Cafés and bars provide the alternative to traditional Chinese restaurants and teahouses. Apart from Starbucks, most cafés have tea and simple meals. Naturally, the city bars are central to Beijing’s quality nightlife. Large bars have performances most nights and the main bar areas in Sanlitun (near the Workers’ Stadium), Houhai, Shichahai, Workers’ Stadium, Chaoyang Park, Asian Games Village (Yayuncun) and the university area in the Haidian District are really worth checking out. New popular places include Yuandadu Bar Street, Xingbalu Bar Street.

It really depends on what kind of bar or restaurant floats your boat. Each of these nightspots have their own character and attract their own crowd. Explore and see where you feel most comfortable.

Editor’s picks

Sculpting in Time

This popular chain took off in 1997 and now boasts several branches across Beijing. Each branch has a calm and peaceful ambience. Free Wi-Fi and English speaking (on the whole!) staff make the place extremely user-friendly. The coffee is good, the food is too. A nice mixture of both western and Chinese cuisine are both on offer. The perfect place to study Chinese or plan TEFL classes.

Sculpting in Time near MUC:7 Weigongcun, Haidian (Tel: 6894-6825), Opening Times: 8:00 -00:30.


Closest hot spots include the new Bar Street, one block north of the West Gate. We recommend checking out PBD bar, which specializes in affordable pizza and beer.Other bars and restaurants have been popping up all over the street and in the vicinity, be sure to keep your ear to the ground with regards to what’s going in this booming area of fun. Getting to DAO Club should only cost 13RMB in a taxi. DAO specializes in Hip Hop and Urban Music.

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