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Before Departure

Q: What is the next step if I have been offered a position as a foreign lecturer at MUC?

A: Please allow us time to complete the paperwork to obtain your Chinese visa application documents, which will be mailed to you when we have them. You should take the documents to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate nearest your home to apply for the visa (see the Preparation section)

Q: Will my application fee for the work visa to enter China be reimbursed by MUC?

A: No. The visa application fee in your home country should be covered by yourself. MUC will bear all other costs that will occur in assisting you in the application for a Residence Permit after your entry into China.

Q: If I do the physical check-up before I enter China, will the physical check-up fee be reimbursed by MUC?

A: No. It is recommended to complete it before entering China to be sure you can qualify for the job and the Residence Permit.

MUC will cover the fee if completing it after entering. However, you would be taking the risk of having to leave China within the first month, at your own expense, if your health has a problem(s).

(see the Preparation section for more details.)

Q: If my family members are accompanying me to MUC, who will be responsible for all the fees that are needed to apply for their Residence Permits in China?

A: MUC will only cover the application fees for your own Residence Permit. The application fees for your family members will be at your own expense.

Q: When can I move into the foreign experts’ apartment as a new MUC foreign lecturer?

A: The apartments will be provided free of charge beginning from August 15th and if you wish to move in before that date, we will try to accommodate you, depending on the availability of the apartments at that time. In such cases, accommodation fees will be charged until August 15th.

Q: Can I leave my belongings with the university before I can move in on August 15th?

A: Yes, you can leave your luggage with us before you move in but the transportation will be your own responsibility.


Q: Can I decorate my apartment by hanging pictures and ornaments on the wall?

A: Decorating the apartment is welcome, but please make sure it won’t damage the paintwork on the wall.

Q: Can my relative(s) or friend(s) stay with me in the foreign experts’ apartment?

A: Yes, but they are required to register first at the Housekeeping Office according to the university housing policies and the PSB Residency Policies for Foreigners.

Q: Do foreign lecturers living on campus have to register with the local police station?

A: If you live off-campus, you need to go to the local police station with your landlord to apply for a residence registration certificate. If you live on-campus, you only need to register with the Housekeeping Office as they will register your information online with the police station.

Q: Approximately how much are the water and electricity bills each month?

A: On average, water and electricity bills for a foreign lecturer living here total about 150 Yuan a month, but it depends on your personal usage rate.

Q: Will there be gas in the foreign teachers’ apartments?

A: Gas is not available in the foreign teachers’ apartments. An electrically powered induction cooker and a microwave oven are provided in the kitchen for cooking.

Q: Can I buy gas cans and install gas cooking equipment in the kitchen at my own expenses?

A: No, gas cans are not allowed in the foreign experts’ apartments for safety reasons.

Q: When will the heating be turned on in my apartment?

A: The campus heating will be officially working from November 13th, which is in line with the official starting date for all of Beijing. A trial period of the heating system often starts on November 1st for a trial period of the heating system. The actual starting date will be adjusted according to the prevailing weather conditions.

Q: Will I have to move out of the foreign teachers’ apartment in the summer if my contract with MUC will be renewed for next year?

A: No. However, if the contract is not to be renewed, we expect you to vacate the apartment before your contract expires (usually on July 20th every year for one academic year contract foreign lecturers) – unless special permission is given.

Q: What if I lose my apartment key?

A: We will replace the lock, at your expense (between ¥200-300).

Air Fare and Salary

Q: Is there a maximum sum for airfare reimbursement?

A: Yes. The total airfare should not exceed 13,000 Yuan unless there are extenuating circumstances for which prior permission must be given by MUC. Anything over the limit in all other cases will be your own responsibility.

Q: Will I be paid in July if my work continues into July?

A: No. According to the contract, you will be paid for ten months for a one academic year contract, which includes a full-salary winter vacation. Such a contract provision is consistent with all other Beijing Universities.

Q: If a stopover is needed, for my own reasons, on my way to MUC or on my way back to my home country, how will the increased ticket cost be dealt with?

A: MUC will obtain a quote for a normal round-trip (or return) air ticket price between Beijing and the international airport nearest the foreign lecturer’s home from a reputable travel agency in Beijing. The quoted amount will be reimbursed and the extra cost incurred from the stopover will be your responsibility.

Q: Will MUC cover the fee charged by the airlines for altering my ticket?

A: MUC will not be responsible for the fee charged by the airlines for altering the ticket unless the alteration is caused by MUC and prior permission has been obtained from MUC

Q: When can I have my air ticket reimbursed?

A: If your contract with MUC includes the reimbursement of your roundtrip (return) air ticket, we will reimburse half of the ticket after the two months probation period and the other half will be reimbursed immediately after you finish all of your contracted duties here.


Q: Can I have a residency permit till 20 July if the validity of my passport is only till 10 June the same year, for example? If not, what should I do?

A: No. The validity of your residence permit will not be extended beyond the expiration date of your passport. If you wish to extend your residence permit, you will either have to renew your passport or get a new passport. Then, the liaison officer in the OIR will assist you in applying for a new residence permit for your new passport, but you will have to pay the 400 Yuan charge for the second application.

Q: What if I lose my Foreign Experts Certificate (FEC) and passport?

A: Immediately report the loss of your passport to the Embassy of your country in Beijing and apply for a new one. In the meanwhile, inform the liaison officer in the OIR of the loss and for assistance in applying for a new FEC and a new visa when you have your new passport. You will be responsible for any expenses that arise (i.e. application fees for a new passport and visa, and the fee charged by the PSB).

Teaching and Contract

Q: Who should I contact for my detailed teaching courses and class schedule?

A: Please contact the secretary who deals with foreign affairs in your school for the information.

Q: Will my teaching work be evaluated at MUC?

A: Yes, your work will be evaluated by your department or school by two groups of people: professors from your department or school will evaluate your teaching by sitting in on some of your classes and the students will evaluate your work by filling out evaluation forms. Please ask your department or school for more detailed information about this.

Q: If I wish to stay at MUC for another academic year, how and when will I know if my contract will be renewed?

A: According to the contract, we will inform you of our decision based on our evaluation of your teaching 3 months prior to the expiration of your contract.


Q: Which hospital is the MUC designated hospital?

A: The designated hospital by MUC is the University Clinic. Please make sure to keep the receipts for reimbursement (note the items stated in the contract that will not be reimbursed).

Q: Is there a maximum sum for medical care reimbursement?

A: Yes, the maximum sum for medical care reimbursement is 10,000 Yuan a year.


Q: What if I lose my white multipurpose card?

A: If your card is lost, you will also lose the money in your card. Replacement costs ¥30.

Q: What sightseeing tours and other activities will MUC arrange for foreign lecturers this academic year?

A: Each semester MUC will arrange sightseeing tours - one to places of interest on the outskirts of Beijing, and the other beyond Beijing. Of course, we will also arrange for you to attend all concerts organized by the National Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. You will be informed of these events ahead of time.

Q: How can I follow the on-going events on Campus?

A: Campus events will normally be advertised by posters displayed in conspicuous places on campus. This website will also post the most up-to-date news.

Q: Can I open an account in a local Chinese bank?

A: Yes, you only need to go to a local Chinese bank with your passport

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