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Campus Facilities

Modern teaching and living facilities have been established on campus. The main teaching building is the Wenhua building (also known as the Liberal Arts Building) and every classroom is equipped with an internet-connected multimedia system.

The university’s Ethnic Museum and library are open to the university faculty and students. Four university student cafeterias and two self-service staff cafeterias provide a great variety of food. The campus supermarket offers a good choice of inexpensive daily necessities.

The university sports field is a popular place for jogging, basketball, and football. For more serious exercise, check out the university gymnasium.

The university clinic is available 24 hours for any emergencies. China Post Office and ATM services can also be easily accessed on campus.

Water and Electricity Bills

You will be responsible for your own water and electricity bills, which are paid when you check out. When checking in at the Housekeeping Office, the staff will provide you with a note of the current readings of your apartment’s electricity and water meters. Under normal circumstances, they will read the meters every two to three months and notify you of the bill. When checking out, there will be a final reading and collect the payment from you.

If you feel it necessary, you are free to inquire at any time about the rate of charge of the meter or have someone come and read it for you to know where you are at.

Phone and Internet

Apartments for foreign experts are equipped with a 201 prepaid phone. To dial out, please follow the English instructions on the back of a 201 phone card, which can be purchased in the campus supermarket or from a campus newspaper stand.

For cell phones, phones can cost as little as ¥150 and SIM cards can be as little as ¥50. Ask around for the best deal and purchase what you will need.

The Internet can be accessed via cable or wifi. The Campus Internet Access software (desktop and mobile) must be installed, which can be downloaded from the webpage that opens up when you attempt to use the internet. To connect, click open the software from your desktop and enter the username and password assigned to each apartment by the OIR.

Multipurpose Card

o Dining card

o Identity card on campus

o Library card (Note: it only gives you access to the library, as borrowing books is restricted)

o Magnetic key to open up the multimedia equipment in the classrooms in the main teaching buildings on campus. (Note: the card must be registered with a classroom. Please ask your department how to operate the multimedia equipment.)

o Debit card for the campus supermarket

The card requires a deposit of 30 Yuan and is provided after you register in the OIR. Please return it and collect the deposit money when you leave. To use the card to pay for meals and groceries, you need to charge the card in the card-charging office first. You may inquire about card-charging office hours and location in the OIR. Please note that money on the card will not be refunded if you lose the card and a deposit of 30 Yuan is payable for a new one.

Faculty Canteens

There are two faculty cafeterias on campus – one Chinese and one Halal. The canteens, open from Monday to Friday on working days, currently only offer lunch for university teachers. The buffet-style lunch will cost you 4 Yuan each meal, subsidized by the university.

To use the canteens, you will need to have your fingerprint taken in the campus card office as the canteens can only be accessed via fingerprint. We will arrange for this to be done when you come to register in the OIR.

You will also prepay ¥100 to the OIR to cover the lunches you may have during the first month, as you do not pay at the cafeteria.

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